August 13, 2019

More Book Art

i'm still having fun with my book folding and my poor cardmaking is being neglected.  time is going by quickly and i will soon have to get working on xmas cards.  what-a-life!

here are a few of the bookfolds that i've done recently....

my BFF has a birthday this month and she's a huge koala fan.

this is the cover

well, we all know who this is - Elvis - and another one done
for a dear friend

and the cover

this is my neighbor's nephew.  he was killed in an 
accident last year - age 17

this is what i did for her

he was very into snowboarding so this is the cover

hopefully i'll back to making cards tho right now i'm working on several books for xmas gifts.  never a dull moment.

thanks so much for stopping by.  hope you had or still are enjoying your summer.  school starts tomorrow - of which i am VERY GLAD i no longer
attend.  back in my day school started the day after labor day (1st tuesday in September).  who wants to go back to school in the heat / middle of the summer????

be well.


  1. These are wonderful books Stef. What a sweet thing to do one for your neighbour. Sounds like you are having a great summer. Hope Neenah is well and having lots of outside fun. Our two kitties are doing great. Hugs Anesha

  2. How did you learn to do these. They are so cool! I am especially impressed with the photo you copied. What a great memento. Our schools went back last Wednesday so they've been in a week already. Good thing they now have air conditioning. I remember how hot it was in our school rooms even in September. Big hugs to you!

  3. Thanks Stef. Have a great weekend. Hugs to Neenah.x


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  5. wow! I am so impressed! these books are fabulous! being an Elvis fan, I really do like that one, but your tribute book is precious for many reasons. I am sure it will always be treasured.

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog, dear friend, and leaving such a beautiful, heartfelt comment. I think of you often as well, but don't get on the computer much these days. know that you are loved! :)

    enjoy your day!


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