May 22, 2017

End of May and New Group

and now it's almost the END of may!  geeze louize!  can time fly any faster????

not much has been going on.  weather has been a mixed bag of rain, wind, storms, sun; but then, isn't that always the way lately?

i've worked on my stamps and have a few to find a new home for.... tho, in my opinion.... i could really have alot more if i ever talk myself out of why do i really need so many in the first place.  come on!  do i really need 86 - hello friend, dear friend, my friend stamps????  LOL.

i've opened a group on facebook where i will be selling some of those stamps AND my cards.  it's a closed group so if you would like to join, please let me know.  here's the link..... GLITTERBABE GREETINGS.  i do hope you come by and take a look around.

well, that's about it at this end.  have a wonderful end of may.  so enjoyed your visit!

May 16, 2017

The Middle of May

wow!  time just flies doesn't it?  it's the middle of may already.  summer has arrived (at least this week) and i had to turn the air on.  the sun has been shining brightly too!  in the high 80s til thursday and then dropping into the 60s.  mixed bag of whatever, but hey!  i'll take it.

my friend pass away.  i am heartbroken.  40 yrs of friendship - very close friendship and the thought of never hearing her voice and laughter again just makes me cry - spontaineously!  but... she did not suffer long and she is at peace!
i am going thru my stamps... again... and i may post them for sale on facebook.  sooooo, if you're curious... keep checking my FB page (link on right).

in the meantime, i have gotten some playtime in.  graduation is near, so here's one i did for a church member...

gotta love washi tape!.  easy peasy but just what i needed!

well, off for a pedicure this morning.  have a great week!

May 08, 2017

Moving Right Along

may is moving along a little chillier than it should be, but hey! i'll take it.  tho the house is NOT opened up, at least my heat is off.  how is that you ask?  well, as i have no trees at all in my yard i get the morning sun shining right thru my windows and sliding doors which warms the house up very nicely, so i get to keep the heat off.  not to mention i like sleeping when it's a bit chilly!  now isn't that great????

all else is good.

i did get some playtime in...

a friend asked for some pet loss cards.  this is what i've done.
the silhouette one i saw on PINTEREST.  it had a cat instead of a dog. 
i like how both of these turned out.

well, back to keeping myself busy.  still waiting on the appraisal / closing of my house refinance. was told they were "backed up".  that is fine.  at least i know i've already been approved on the refi!

have a great week and again... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

May 03, 2017

And Now It's May

well, may has finally arrived along with lots of rain and even more dandelions!
the retention pond just off my yard is up to the brim and one more good rain and my yard will be flooded.  however, according to weather reports, there should be little or no more rain...... tho the temps will remain in the 50s.  i'm hoping for a nice cool windows-open kind of summer.  yeah... nice dream huh?

puppy healed nicely from her abscess.  i hired a lawn service and they are doing a great job - and great prices too; and things financially are turning around.  GOD IS GOOD.

i had lots of playtime with all the rain soooooooooo, here's one i had fun with...

this is my attempt at a shaker card!
i love shaker cards and i never make them.
i found some shaker cups in my stash and it
made this really easy.
not sure how much i'm liking it.
i feel something is missing!

well, let's see how may goes along.  i love may.  lots of birthdays in may too, so guess i'll be sending out cards!

thanks for dropping by and to all of you ladies...


April 26, 2017

I'm Staying

wow!  thank you to all who said "please don't close your blog!"
i know, right!  it's been 9 yrs.  i don't think i can part with it.  soooooooooo, i'm keeping this open.  however, i won't be posting as frequently as i have been, but it's good to keep if i ever decide to play in some challenges again (which i really should start doing).

otherwise, all is well.

hope you're all enjoying the nice weather as much as i am.  getting things done around the house.  feels good to be up and about and doing things.  even puppy is happy - especially now that her butt is healed.

see you soon. :)

April 23, 2017

Goodbye maybe?

happy last sunday in april.  the dandelions are in full bloom... all over my yard!  ugh!  but the DO look pretty!

i may decide to finally close my blog.  with facebook and my card page.... GLITTERBABE GREETINGS  is there really any need for it?  i don't play in challenges anymore and alot of them are on facebook anyway.

if i DON'T close the blog, i may not post as often.

so, until then.... be well, be happy, be safe and BE BLESSED.  i will see you soon!

April 20, 2017

A Better Turn of the Month

well, things have gotten better... as it always does.  puppy is doing better, the water heater works like a charm and tho i still haven't spoken to my BFF, she knows i love her.

weather is typical spring.... sunny, cloudy, rainy, cool, warm... a mixed bag; but the house is opened up during the day and the heat has been off for a week!

i did get some playtime in....

i belong to the STAMPS OF LIFE basic club and every
now and then she has a "flash" sale - i love those.  this
die was one of the sales.

so now we wait and see what may brings.  enjoy your week and thanks so much for stopping by!

End of May and New Group

and now it's almost the END of may!  geeze louize!  can time fly any faster???? not much has been going on.  weather has been a mixed ...