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May 27, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me.

happy birthday to me!  i am in awe and very blessed to be 70 yrs old today! GOD IS GOOD!

May 22, 2016


well it feels like summer finally arrived in the midwest.  yay!  supposed to be in the 80s all week.  my only hope is the guy who's doing my deck finally comes and gets started!

the surgeon called and my hip replacement is scheduled for june 21.  i will most likely be taking the entire month of july off from work.  i'm hoping therapy will only be 3-4 weeks.  i'm determined!

not much else going on.  went to goodwill yesterday with jade and look what i found....

 this is the type of papercutter i used when i worked - way back when.
if you ask me, it's the best ever.  $3.99 at goodwill.  solid wood
and it works!

a few stamps i found for 50 cents each!
i love that store!

i also found 3 tops.  my weight loss has been at a plateau for a few weeks - 18 lbs - but i went from a 2x to an XL.  2 lbs more to go to get to where i'd like to be and then 10 more to get to where i WANT to be.  it's slow-going but i feel good and my heartburn has not returned since i started the low carb diet!  THAT alone is worth it!

well, that's about it at this end.  hope your week is full of sunshine and fun.  thanks so much for stopping by!.

May 17, 2016

Tuesday Throwdown Challenge

ok.  i decided to enter a few - ok, maybe 1 - challenge.  haven't done that in ages.  so, let's see what i got....

you know how much i love those crazy birds.
this is going to the TUESDAY THROWDOWN challenge of
embossing (wet, dry, whatever).  
embossed BRICK, smooshed a little peachy on the brick
punched a heart and you can guess the rest!

hope you like it.

May 16, 2016

Nothing New

well, another month zooming by.  where-o-where does the time go?  it's not that i've got a busy schedule!  oh well, such is life.

i have had fun playing in my room.  other than that, nothing exciting going on around here.  the weather is weird.  one day warm, one day cold, one day rain.  i think mother nature needs to retire and put her daughter in her place - LOL.

ok.  time for some cards....

this is BLENDED BLOOM by SU.  love this stamp.
easy to color and easy to layer.

more crazy birds.  

not much else on my agenda for the rest of the month.  hope you have a great MAY!