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August 20, 2014

The New NEW Living Room

so my neighbor came over to check out my living room and suggested we "open it up" by rearranging the furniture, moving or getting rid of the chair and a few other things.  soooooooooooo, after taking her advice - why not?  change is good right? - here's the BEFORE and AFTER once again.....

BEFORE the "new" arrangement....
this is what i showed you AFTER the paint job.

this is AFTER we moved, removed and rearranged.....

here's what we did....
the couch is NOW under the window and the loveseat where the
couch used to be.  the chair is moved to the far right corner
which surprises me and works really well (tho you can't
see it in this picture).  we took out the coffee table.  it was NOT easy!
that darn table is as long as the couch AND solid wood!
we removed one of the end tables (by the door) and
moved the standing lamp to that corner.
the table and lamp in the corner by the window is the table that
was where the brown shade lamp is now.
the table lamp (brown shade) was in my family room.
the coffee table is in the storage room and the other end table
is now in my family room.
after all this?  i need to stock up on ADVIL!  my bones are killing me!


i'll be happy to take suggestions on how to get that coffee table mark out of the carpet!!!!

August 18, 2014

the Living Room and Dining Room

just about finished with the living room and dining room.  still have a few things to hang in the living room and i want a new table and chair set in the dining room.  but for now these will have to do.

ok.  we'll start with the dining room....

this is the BEFORE
before the paint job

this is the AFTER
new paint and new wall decor
tho i did change the centerpiece on the table too

now to the living room.....

this is the BEFORE
before the paint job

 and this is the AFTER
i spray painted the lamps in SATIN NICKLE
(if you look at the before picture, it had a floral design
on it and the black lamp was all black)
i took out the flower cart that was in the corner
and i'm waiting to hang a large mirror over the couch.
oh, also got new curtains.

 and that's about it so far.  just need a few wall hangings to complete all the rooms and then i can start on moving my craft room into the 2d bedroom and turning my craftroom into a small bedroom / sitting room.  will it ever get done?????  hopefully that will keep me busy over the winter!

happy monday!

August 15, 2014

The NEW Kitchen

ok.  i think the kitchen is done, tho i really need to get used to the white walls.  here's the before and after...

this is the BEFORE.
how in the world did i live 15 yrs with THAT paper????  oy vey!

and this is the AFTER
i love the red.  makes everything pop
and the white walls....  at least i painted my light switches to give it a POP of color!!!

i'll take pictures of the other rooms as i complete them and then post the before and afters tho that may be few and far between.  you know... the poor house thing!

off to take puppy for a bath, nail clipping and ear cleaning.  sheesh.  it's always something!

TODAY'S WORDS OF WISDOM.....  very interesting....

this would NO SURPRISE to me with things moving as fast as they are today.!

well now, that's a question i never thought of before!

happy friday!

August 13, 2014

Ouch... but a good Ouch!

ok.  NO, i did not die, get hurt, sick, move, or anything like that.  i've been getting interior painting done.  2 very nice couples from church have helped... tremendously.  i WILL have pictures.... once i can move my arms and legs again!!!!  oy the aches and pains!

stay tuned!