SPONSORSHIPS: to all the challenges THE STAMPING BOUTIQUE sponsors... PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL BE TAKING A BREAK IN 2017. we all have enjoyed the wonderful challenges and certainly the amazing talent of all the designers and we thank you so much for the years of fun.

Fabulous Friends

December 10, 2016

A little goodbye

ok.  BEFORE you panic... NO!  i am NOT going anywhere!  however, in case you have not noticed the "blurb" above, i am posting this here....


To all the wonderful challenges the STAMPING BOUTIQUE
has sponsored over the years....

we at TSB are taking a much needed break from
sponsorships come the 1st of the year. 
we have been sponsoring a great many challenges for
several years and certainly enjoyed all of it.
we have especially enjoyed seeing the gorgeous
creations made by all.

if we have dates scheduled for your 2017 calendar,
we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

we thank you all for all the opportunities afforded
us over the years and wish you all the best of luck
in the coming year(s).


September 25, 2016

My Boring Life

not much going on.  i cataloged my cards which took me 6 hours!!!!  at least i know what i have and don't have.  i also found a xyron 900 with an extra cartridge - both brand new i might add - at a garage sale and the lady let me have them for $20!!!!  now THAT was a steal!  otherwise, same old, same old.

did get some fun time in....

thinking ahead.
played with stickers.

well, off for another boring week - other than playing in my craft room. i certainly hope i don't get the reorganizing bug.  i have way to much stuff to even want to start!!!!

have a great week.

September 20, 2016

Where has September gone?

geeze louize!  either i'm getting lazy or bored.  i can't believe i haven't posted in 10 days!  i'm blaming facebook!  the days zoom by.  i keep myself busy but nothing to brag about.  i HAVE been working on cards.  this year i need so many.  i sell them in 2 stores now and still do them for the church.  i'm sure i'm repeating myself here!  see what i mean....  not much is really going on.

anyway, here's a couple i played at....

 i LOVE all those paint splats!  i find them
expressive!  all me nuts LOL.
anyway, easy peasy.

i joined the STAMPS FOR LIFE stamp club! 
i LOVE her stamps.  she also has a DIE club.
santa is just one of this month's stamp set and
the die is from this month's die set.  i like the
fact that being in the stamp club allows me to pick and
choose the dies offered for the month.

well, guess that's about as exciting as my life gets.  the weather has been too warm to open up the house - at least this week.  i'm soooooooo ready for fall.  however, i am NEVER ready for winter.
on that note... have a great week!

September 10, 2016

Fall and Xmas

5 days gone already.  time truly flies!  am i really that busy??????

well, since i sell my cards in 2 stores now PLUS still do it for the church, i now make 4 each of my cards..... and i hate repetition.  now you know why i do clean and simple!  figured i'd get a jump on xmas cards.... now THAT'S surprising as i always wait til at least thanksgiving to start.  here's one i did...

washi tape, snowflake, deer and... my favorite...
gorgeous grunge!  

well, fall is finally in the air (or so the weathermen say) and i'm looking forward to opening up the house.  got my fall and xmas decor down from the loft in the garage and decorated my fireplace mantle for fall.  yep.  i'm sooooooo ready!

have a great week and thanks for stopping by.