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July 20, 2016

Pink Flamingo

therapy is going good and the ONLY pain i'm having is the slight swelling in my ankle which burns a little.  therapist is not sure why that is and neither am i.  i go for an xray on my new hip today.  i'll mention the burning to the doc and see what he says.  it's not something i can't live with and i'm hoping that as i heal it will go away.

i'm still sleeping in the recliner.  my therapist said i could get into bed, put a pillow between my legs and give it a try.  i did.  it did not work.  i still can't cross my legs which means i'm not fully lying on my side.... that's is NOT comfortable. so i got up and went back to the recliner.  at least i can sleep there.  hopefully, by the time it's all better, i'll be back in my bed!

not much else is going on.  therapy 2x a week; food pantry every other week and keeping myself busy.  it's been very hot and humid so i've been indoors alot.

for those that know me and know how anal i am about my stamps, i've been working on getting my birthday stamps in order.  they keep falling out of the envelope i have them in, so i'm putting them in cases this time.  fortunately, i'm not getting crazy about doing it and i work on it a little at a time.  i WILL NOT be doing all the rest of my stamps.

i did get to play a little.....

i love flamingos.  i should buy a plastic one for my yard.
yeah, i'm that fond of them!!!  maybe next summer!
anyway, the base is from PAPER PUMPKIN (SU);
the die is MFT and then i used my label maker.
yep.  i love flamingos

off to bingo today.  it's free at the library and it's only for an hour.  should be fun!

have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

July 15, 2016

A Couple of Challenges

well, first... my therapy is going great and my therapist say i'm doing way beyond what i should be doing.  go me.  i feel great.  no pain, no cane and no limp!

decided it's been ages since i've played in a few challenges.  sooooooo, here ya go....

how fun is this?  i've had this stamp for ages and i STILL like it. it's by
DRS Designs.

this one is going into the ALPHABET CHALLENGE of
J is for Jungle Animals.

you KNOW how much i love my pan pastels!!!
another OLD stamp i found in my stash.  geeze louize.  
i think i better go thru my stamps.  heaven only knows
what i might find!  LOL.

anyway, this one is going to
PATTIE'S CREATIONS of make a splash (water)
how fun!

have a great week.

July 11, 2016

Another Repurpose

well, not much has been going on.  i have another 3 weeks of sleeping on the recliner because i'm still not allowed to cross my legs.  funny thing is... i don't even think about crossing my legs.  guess that's a good thing.  however, the reason i'm still on the recliner is because i'm a side sleeper.  i cannot sleep on my back or my stomach for anything.  so, the recliner it is.

i love my therapist and i look forward to my therapy 2 times a week.  she is concerned about my leg and foot swelling.  i do wear compression socks but the swelling doesn't seem to go down much.  if you ask me, it's tempermental as i can be reclined in the chair and the swelling will go down some, but if i continue to recline, it will swell up again.  i KNOW it's a whole other issue and it was present well before my hip problem.  i only hope that as my hip heals, the swelling will go down... alot.  fun getting old huh?

not much else has been going on.  i have gotten into my craft room - go me!  LOL.  anyway, here's a card i did...

this is another card i repurposed.  i loved this
vase so i cut it out and placed it on some cardstock
(totally different from the gray it was originally on).
i like it.

well, i'm getting jade today and it's supposed to be very hot and humid.  no clue how i'm going to entertain her.  we shall see.

have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

July 06, 2016

Repurposed Card

hope you all had a safe and happy 4th.  it was quiet at my place.

my legwear finally gets sent back but the swelling in my leg is still there - especially after therapy.  my therapist wants me to sit more this week because i was stiff.  i told her she hurt me.  my leg swelled up to an enourmous size and i had to take a pain pill - which i don't normally need.  she said i was trying to do too much too soon - which i probably am.  after all it's only been 2 weeks.  so i promised her i would take it easy and listen to what she says.  i do love the therapy and really have no qualms if i do have to go for the full 8 weeks.

not much else going on.  i did get into my playroom to dabble for a little bit - even tho mojo wasn't in a very playful mood.  i got lots of cards from friends so i decided to repurpose the ones that i liked.  here's one i did....

i loved this one so i cut it off the card it came on
placed in on some white cardstock and added a little
piece of washi tap.

doing this is so easy when mojo is being a brat!!!

well, have a great week and thanks for stopping by.