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July 01, 2016

Legwear Gone

well my "fashionable legwear" has come off!  woooo hooo.  my left leg is very swollen and it still feels like those compression socks are still on - which they aren't.

i was able to get into my bed but am still unable to roll over on my side.  i can roll a little onto my left side (surgery side) but not enough to get comfortable.  looks like another week in the recliner!

i love my therapist and really enjoy the therapy.  guess 8 weeks won't be that bad after all.  truth-be-told, i'll probably be released after 6 wks.

not much else is going on.  i need to get back on track on my diet.  my scale has shown a 7 lb gain which - if you ask me - is water because my left leg is still very swollen and i really haven't veered off my low carb food.

haven't seen much of my playroom as mojo is not around these days but i guess that's a good thing because i get to relax and heal.

thank you all for your prayers, good wishes, cards, phone calls, emails and FB posts.  i'm soooooooo ready to get back to "normal".

wishing you all a

June 25, 2016

New Fashion Statement

well, my surgery was a success and i have very little pain.  more stiffness than pain and the stiffness is more in my butt cheeks.  i came home mid-afternoon on wednesday, had a free day on thursday and off to therapy on friday.  1/2 hour session at therapy and it went well tho they made appointments 2 times a week for the next 8 weeks.  ugh!  8 weeks.  i'm hoping that my max will be week 6 with driving maybe sooner!  hey!  i can hope can't i.

my son was with me the 1st week and amber came up with the little guy 2 days.  tho she did not spend the night.  he's too cute but boy-o-boy does my dog NOT LIKE that child.  all he does is run after her and she cannot get away from him fast enough.  poor puppy is a nervous wreck.  i think when she comes up again, i'll send puppy to my neighbors house!

here's the stunning legware i have to wear at least until thursday, June 30th...

is this a fashion statement or what?  my dog runs the opposite way when i put my hands on the walker and start anywhere near her. as for me.... i'm getting around good and getting up and down is not bad and certainly NOT painful.

so now i continue with the therapy at home on my days off from therapy and then 2 days a week at therapy.  oh yeah.  there's no way i want to do those 8 weeks.  that would bring me into the middle of august and, if you know me, there's no way i can sit around that long!!!

otherwise, i feel great.

June 18, 2016


well, my pre-ops are done and my potassium is a bit low, so i need to get it back to normal before tuesday.  normal is 3.5 to 5.0 and mine is at 3.3.  fortunately, i can do it thru diet which includes bananas, yogurt, potatoes, tomatoes; tho i'm not a tomato fan, but i'm sure enjoying peanut butter and banana sandwiches and my greek yogurt. tuesday is surgery and i am sooooooooooo ready for it.  my leg hurts a little bit more each day but then, i'm off my meds until after surgery.

the weather has been typical summer..... a few days of hot and humid and a few days of hot.  i'm nice and tan thanks to my coconut oil and other than my leg pain i feel great.

an update on my low carb diet that i began in march.  i am down 22 lbs and have 8 more lbs to go to my goal.  i've gone from a size 2X to an XL in tops and a size 20-22 to a size 16 regular in pants.  GO ME!  i feel GREAT!  my heartburn is totally gone and i haven't needed to take a heartburn pill since the 2d day of the diet.  THAT alone has been worth it.

mojo is running rampant and my stash of cards is large.  they are doing well in both stores at which i sell them and i still do them for my church.  here's one i had fun doing...

i saw this on pinterest and decided to CASE it.  all punches!
how cool is this?

well, again, tuesday is surgery - not yet sure of the time - so i seriously doubt i'll be posting until AFTER surgery.  please keep me in your prayers.

thanks for stopping by!

June 12, 2016

Pink, White and Black

it's been very hot and humid the past few days with heat indexes at 100 or higher.  needless to say, i stayed in.  other than getting ready for my hip surgery (June 21) i haven't done much of anything.  my leg hurts a little more each day and this week - the week before surgery - i'm supposed to stop all my meds - well not all, i am to continue with my blood pressure and cholesterol meds - but stop everything else including any supplements i take.  i'm hoping that i'll feel better with stopping the meds.  i told my doctor that after my surgery i want her to test me on my meds because i've been on them for 8 yrs and they may need to be changed.  we shall see and i will keep you posted.

otherwise, i got playtime in.  mojo is on a roll.  my stash is growing and my cards are selling well in the 2 stores i have them in.  go me ... LOL.  anyway, here ya go....

just playing with scraps.

have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by.