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Basketful of Wishes

so?  decided to try one of blogger's new themes?  not quite sure on this.  what say you?

my congestion is finally gone.  the weather yesterday was gorgeous.  we broke a record and hit 80. had the house opened up.  today it's raining and expected to rain all day.  no problem.  i'll take it.

did get fun time in.....

i do a monthly birthday card for our local elementary school. this is april's. there are 43 teachers so everyone who has a birthday in april celebrates.  our church donates a basket of goodies and i do the card. super cute - in my opinion of course LOL.
well, will continue to figure out the new themes of blogger and see what i finally decide on.
have a great week.
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well i'm still congested but there's no coughing and it has not gone to my chest.  i feel ok just stuffy.  weather has been on the cool side and i'm enjoying the longer daylight.

keeping busy adding things to my etsy store.  please stop by and check it out.

here's what i've been playing with....

 this is my image.  it was the 1st image i drew when i started doing digitals. you can find it in my etsy store.
this is my daffodil.  you get both images in jpg and png format. perfect for spring.... ya think?
i have a quiet week other than food pantry on tuesday.  i'm hoping my head cold finally decides to go away.
have a wonderful week.


still congested after a week.  itchy nose and alot of sneezing is driving me nuts... and today we have snow.  expected 4-6".  don't care other than i have to shovel my back deck for puppy but that's an easy job.  mother nature should be put on new meds or FIRED!  she's gone crazy.  can we still expect the summer to be summer-like?

i did get alot of playtime in and i've added some cards to my etsy shop.  i'm hoping i can get that shop going.

 i was asked specifically for a birthday card containing goofy.  here's what i came up with....

it wasn't hard.  googled goofy images and chose this one.  i actually kept his feet up in the air. i love it and so did the person requesting it.
a nice quiet week this week.  hopefully, the congestion along with the snow, will finally go away!
hope your week sparkles!

Card Files Done!

finally got my card files done.  what a chore!  about as bad as me reorganizing my stamps!  geeze louize!

now i've got a congestion.  weather is mild.  we had a few storms but the temps are in the 50s and 60s.  i hope this continues for the rest of the year.  this would be the mildest winter on record for the midwest.

otherwise, i need to get working on easter cards and mothers day as i have a few orders to place.  nothing much else is new other than my congestion which will keep me inside the rest of the week.

hope your week is grand!

A Whirlwind February

happy march.  i've been working on my cards for this entire week trying to make them presentable in my etsy store (yes, i've re-opened it) and for when my website finally gets up and running.  what a job!!!!  haven't seen my playroom at all!

i am an organize freak.  really.  everything has to be uniform and just so.  every picture has to be the same size, with the same frame, etc.  do you know i have pictures of cards going back to 2011????  the problem is.... i have the PICTURES.  there are many cards i no longer have - not to mention that i don't even have some of the images i used anymore either. so why am i stressing over cards i don't have?  because i even want my FILES TO LOOK COHESIVE!  call me nuts.

once i get that done, i then have to go thru the cards that i DO HAVE on hand so i can post them to sell.  that means about 400 cards out of the 3,000 + in my computer file.  yeah.... i'm nuts!

weather has been spring-like - at least until last night when w…

Happy is the Home

the weather here has be beautiful!  in the 60s.. we even hit 70.  the house has been opened up.  mother nature is playing a very cruel trick on us i'm sure!

not much going on.  i got to play outside with puppy - who's a very happy camper, and i got to play inside....

got this die for a steal so decided to give it a try.  i like it.
well, winter should be returning with a little snow expected on saturday; but the temps are to remain above freezing.  i will take it.  
have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Colorful Heart

well another week gone.  hope your valentine's day was SWEET.  mine was quiet!
not much else going on.  i've been working on my card file because i'm working on a website on which to sell them.  soooooooooo time consuming.

the weather has been gorgeous - in the 60s.  house is opened up.  next week back to winter. are we surprised?

here's a card from my stash....

got this die from Crafters Cabin.  it was cheap and it's stunning! colored the inside of a few hearts and there ya go.
supposed to be in the 60s all week.  mother nature is playing a cruel trick on us i'm sure... but hey!  i'll take it.
have a great week and thanks for stopping by!