October 07, 2020

Pumpkins & Coffee

 well, things are quiet around here, so i decided to play in a challenge.

challenge is MOD SQUAD challenge of pumpkins. who doesn't love pumpkins?  especially now?  pumkins i like.  orange?  that's another story!  LOL  anyway, here's my card for the challenge.....

how fun is this?  embossed with Darice's spider web, used a coffee cup die.  the pumpkins are all stamped with the same pumpkin (it's the best single pumpkin stamp i have - go figure); however, the face on the center pumpkin is a separate stamp.  added the witches hat .... just because.... and there ya have it.  

the challenge runs another 13 days according to their post, so do come join in the fun.  in the meantime... 

Happy Fall Y'all!!!!

October 01, 2020

Jade's 15th

 well, September certainly flew by!  but that's OK.  i'm a big fan of fall anyway.  the smells, the colors, the food, the cooler weather and, of course, the coming holidays.... tho i'm really curious to see how the holidays are gonna pan out with the virus stuff.

My middle grandchild has a birthday this month, her 15th!!!  again, where the heck does time go?????  anyway, tho she's VERY into art - and i must admit she creates some pretty amazing stuff - i decided to go a different route and save the art goodies for christmas.  a neighbor of mine does some really fabulous embroidery.  Jade (who's having the birthday) is also into GOTH (smack my head) and she likes to bake & cook.  soooooooooooo, here's what i had my neighbor make for her....

there's an oven mitt and a small hot plate.  i filled it with a wooden spoon, a cookie mix and some cookie cutters.  i had it done in a halloween theme for that GOTH look.  i think it's just fabulous and i know she'll treasure it!
Here's the card i made to go with it.....

i die cut the coffee cup and and stamped the bats and just added the dots; i hand drew the stitched border.  she is gonna love it all!!!

 well, not much else going on.  my new furnace came and so far i haven't had to use it.  i put the deck furniture away for the season.  now to get started on christmas!

thanks for stopping by and stay well!

September 22, 2020

Scribble Flowers

 here's a super fun card i did....

stamped some "scribble flowers" and leaves, colored with my copics and then added the dots all over the place.  i'm liking how this turned out.

weather here is gorgeous.  house opened up!  haven't used the new furnace yet!!!!  

stay well, stay safe, stay happy.  thanks so much for stopping by.

September 15, 2020


 well, the weather has turned cooler...  YAY.  in having my furnace serviced for the winter i find i need a new furnace!  happy, but not happy.  my furnace is original to the house (21 yrs) so it's had a good run and i knew it was coming.  not happy about how much it's gonna cost.  living in a modular home is NEVER cheap because EVERYTHING - and i mean EVERYTHING is off-scale.  there is NOTHING normal size in my 1900 sq ft house!   UGH.... and it's not off by alot.  more like a hair off, which raises the price on everything.  but, i knew it was coming.

now to a happier note.  tho i am not a fan of, nor do i celebrate halloween - mostly because (1) the kids are grown and (2) i'm in a 55 + community so there are no kids here, i rarely do halloween cards.  the sad part is... i enjoy making them - even tho they don't sell well either.  sooooooooo, here's a halloween card....

this image was sent to me as happy mail.  i have no clue who it's by - tho i'd love to find out.  if any of you know who this image (the 3 pumpkins) is by, please let me know.  i added the bats and the shading.  easy peasy.  


i found a new social site (as FB is getting too annoying).  it's called MeWe and it's FREE.  i have a page & a group.  like FB the page is just for chatting, news, etc. and my group is for my cards / crafts.  there aren't too many other paper crafting groups there but hopefully that will grow.  

here's the link to my group page if you'd like to stop by.  not sure if you have to join the site or not.

as a last note, my son proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes!  both are in the 40s and i've liked her since the 1st i met her.  they are not planning anything at this time.  maybe next summer or fall GOD WILLING.  otherwise, i am happy to have her in my family

stay well all. stay safe and GOD BLESS.  thanks for dropping by.

September 10, 2020

Blue Onesie

 o my goodness!  can time fly any faster?????  don't answer that!  i do hope everyone is well.  i am good.  my health is good, my family is good.  we're all thankful they still have jobs to go to!!

not much else has been going on.  i'm still crafting and having fun doing so.  i've found a wonderful group of ladies online who are so talented and generous.  tho i picture them all young with young children, i keep finding out that we're all RETIRED!~!!!  who knew!  anyway, they are all a delight and a blessing.

ok.  that's the small talk.  now to the fun.  

So, this was a special request for a baby shower. they're having a boy.  is it me or do baby cards seem a rare thing lately????  must be me.  but then, just about every "kid" i know is now in the 40s +.  there's that "time flies" thing again!  LOL.

ok.  back to the card.  you can see here, pretty blue cardstock, a heart punch, an old onesie stamp and tiny hearts.  colored with copics and distress ink on the onesie.  it was a big hit at the shower!!!!

well, it's September 10.  usually my town would be having their FAIR which indicates the end of summer here but do to the garbage going on today, for the 1st time in 165+ years, the fair IS NOT BEING HELD!  alot of $$$ lost.  a local bakery is opening up their parking lot to food vendors who usually sell at the fair today thru sunday.  i'm hoping the FUNNEL CAKE guy will be there!  i also hope the weather holds out as we've been having alot of rain lately - which is desperately needed!!!!

and that's my story.

do stay well, stay safe, stay crafting.  thanks for stopping by.  hope to see you all soon,

Pumpkins & Coffee

 well, things are quiet around here, so i decided to play in a challenge. challenge is MOD SQUAD challenge of pumpkins. who doesn't lov...