Fabulous Friends

August 21, 2016

You're a Hoot

boy august has flown by.  believe me, it IS true... the older you get, the faster time goes.... which really surprises me because i think i do less now than when i was younger - go figure!

anyway, not much of anything going on but i have been busy.  i've gotten back to helping out in my homeowner's association and they nominated me to be on the board for "correspondence" which means i'll be doing - can you guess???? - yep... sending cards out to the sick, the newcomers and sympathies.  right up my alley.

i did get some playtime in, so here ya go...

i've seen similarities around PINTEREST and this always
makes me giggle.  so this is my version of "just hanging out".

well, now we wait and see what the rest of august brings.  so far i have an appointment for my car; a haircut and i want to check out a local food pantry.  my exciting life!

hope your week is great and thanks for stopping by.

August 14, 2016

Getting Away from Bored

well it's still been hot and steamy with a little (very little) bit of rain thrown in.  not much going on.  i've had a few boring days where i just didn't feel like doing anything.  however, not being one for sitting on my butt and actually being bored, i found things to do.  i cleaned a few closets, i made a few cards, i sat out on the deck....  you get the picture.

speaking of deck, my friends came over and we just about finished it up.  there's still the outer bottom to do and then a 2d coat and that will be it.  yay.  here's where it's at right now...

you can see the bottom still needs to be done... and yes it's gray.  
i couldn't stand the typical brown anymore.  
every home out here has a brown deck.  i wanted different.  
i'm loving it and it'll be stunning when it's all done.

as for the cards, i worked on halloween.  halloween cards DO NOT SELL well for me and, truth be told, who really sends out halloween cards?  but they sure are fun to make....

this one was easy and fun.  it's ALL die cut
and then i added a few dots.
the background is done with pan pastels (my new love)

well, this week i see my surgeon for the final checkup on my hip.  i'm walking great - with very little, if any - limp and there is still NO PAIN!  i've got 7 lbs to go to reach my weight goal and all is good.
time to work on xmas cards!

have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

August 08, 2016

Birthday Bloom

well, we are now a week into august.  time sure flies.  THERAPY IS OVER!!!  days are hot and humid... and boring.  i got to clean out 2 closets, sit outside for a few minutes - not very long because it's way too hot AND the dog doesn't like if i'm out without her.  she likes the heat but only for about 5-10 minutes.  if i want to stay out longer i let her in the house and then she starts whining.  worse than a child!

mojo comes and goes - mostly goes - so i force myself to sit and make at least one card a day.  here's one for ya...

i LOVE this stamp!  it's BIRTHDAY BLOOM by SU.
need i say more?

not much else going on.  just about ready for some cooler weather when i can open up the house.
hope you're enjoying AUGUST!

August 01, 2016

Happy August

geeze louize.  can time fly any faster?????  i'm still going to therapy - ugh.  my therapist wants another 10 visits but i put my foot down.  that's another 5 more weeks and i've already done 6 weeks.  NOT HAPPENIN'!  i did agree to 3 more visits, then i see my surgeon and i am done!  i feel great and i have faith.  i have no pain, i limp a bit but that's because my right knee turns in (a whole other issue) and i can shop without pain.  i sleep well and my diet is going well - just 7 more lbs to my goal.

haven't done much of anything.  mojo has taken a short vacation (i hope) and the weather has been typical summer - HOT and RAIN.  so, i'm digging into my stash....

keeping it CAS as always.
smooshed some ink; stamped and bling.
easy peasy.

not much else going on.  life is good.... a little boring... but good!