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March 01, 2015


today we are celebrating with CUPCAKE INSPIRATIONS who are celebrating their 300th challenge!  what a milestone!  we at THE STAMPING BOUTIQUE would like to wish cupcake inspriations the very best of everything and thank them for their super fun challenges.  so if you would like to win some fabulous prizes... stop on by and join in the celebration!  just click on the round cupcake celebration picture to take you there!

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now how cool is this?

February 27, 2015

Just Plain Fun

well we had another 2 inches of snow and temps in the single to minus digits.  this just SUCKS!  if i didn't love my church, my friends or my home so much, i'd move in a heartbeat!  but then, i tried that and my house wouldn't sell.  oh well.  i'll just piss and moan and enjoy it all.

so with all this cold weather, do i need to say i've been playing?  not much of anything else, but my card stash is sure growing and i'll have ALL the easter i need and then some.  so, here's a few i played at....

easy peasy.
turns out one of the girls at church got engaged.  
perfect timing!

this looks more involved than my CAS style but, trust me
it's CAS.  gotta love the emboss folder and a chipboard eyeglass.
i had alot of fun with this one.

we are back in the deep freeze so you can bet i'll be staying in and playing some more.  i sure hope it is warmer wherever YOU are!  thanks so much for dropping by!

TODAY'S WORDS OF WISDOM.... bet you thought i forgot, huh?....

I love it..................................
If you are a senior
you will understand this one;
if you deal with seniors,
this should help you understand them
a little better,
and if you are not a senior yet........
God willing, someday you will be......

The 2.99 Special 
We went to breakfast at a restaurant
where the 'seniors' special' was
two eggs, bacon, hash browns
and toast for $2.99.
'Sounds good,' my wife said.
'But I don't want the eggs..'

'Then, I'll have to charge you $3.49
because you're ordering a la carte,'
the waitress warned her.

'You mean I'd have to pay for
not taking the eggs?'
my wife asked incredulously.

'YES!' stated the waitress..
'I'll take the special then,' my wife said..

'How do you want your eggs?'
the waitress asked.

'Raw and in the shell,' my wife replied.

She took the two eggs home
and baked a cake.

old AND smart!

February 25, 2015

Fun Stuff

i was trying to let my hair grow... at least to my shoulders but then 2 things crept into my head.

1.  that's about as long as i could ever let my hair grow because it was always so heavy; and
2.  really stef?  69 yrs old (almost) and you want long hair?  not happenin'.

so i cut it back to my regular style.  it's just as easy to handle at any length because that's just how my hair is; however, i just didn't like the way it was "setting up".  my hair has so much body in it that the longer is it, the more volume i have.  on my 5'4" frame i then look like i'm 5'8".  no thank you.  i'm happy just the way i am.  so back to short hair i went.  sorry. no pictures because everything is "back to normal."

look who turns 1 today....

oh where oh where has that year gone?  a year old and he's talking, walking, signing (yes, you read that right.  his parents are teaching him to sigh.  i hear it's the easiest and one of the best ways for younguns to communicate), sleeping in his own bed, knows what the potty is, can take his diaper off and put it in the trash.  this kid's a genius!  prejudice?  who me?

so, i've been in my room.... like you all know that's where i spend a good deal of my time.  i LOVE being retired!  here's what i've been playing at...

i love circles... and chevrons... and stars, flowers and hearts.  i guess that just about covers it all, ya think?  anyway, dug into my scraps, cut out circles and added some buttons.  super cute.

now this i saw on PINTEREST and just loved it.  tho my lines aren't as crisp or as pointed as they should be, i'm still very happy with how this turned out.

and there ya have it.  off to the library today to see a movie.  every last wednesday of the month they show a FREE movie.  today's movie is  THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY with helen miran.

happy hump day!

February 23, 2015


well guess what?  we're back to the deep freeze.  at least the snow is nothing like it was last year or even close to what boston has, so i won't complain.  i have heat, food, clothes, a roof over my head and a loving puppy to keep me company.  still.... it's too freakin' cold!

i have not gone anywhere.  you're not surprised right?  other than to church yesterday, the furthest i've gone is to my craftroom.  so let's see what i've been up to...

i still need easter cards.  so far i've gotten about 60 done and need about 20 more.  good thing i started early!  anyway, saw something similar on PINTEREST (where else?) and thought it was just too cute.  this is my version...

die cut an oval and hand cut the bottom part;
used my crafter's companion score box to do the hills
and then added a few stickers.  
i think this is just too darn cute!

keeping with my CAS style...
die cut and embossed some scraps and
added a little bling.

I'm on a roll - LOL

the high today is expected to get to MAYBE 10F.  needless to say i won't be leaving the house.  at least the sun is out and shining brightly!

i'm so ready for spring.  maybe i'll work on changing my blog background.  you know how i get about that LOL.

hope it's sunny and warm... at least warmer than the midwest.. wherever you are and i'm sooooooo glad you stopped by!


I just spoke with a friend who lives in Boston and he told me that it has been
snowing non-stop for two days  with 16 below zero temperature and at 70
miles per hour wind gusts.
They are fully isolated and his wife does nothing but look thru the kitchen window.

He said that if this situation persists he will have no other choice but let her back in. 

whatta guy, huh?