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Fabulous Friends

October 22, 2016

Fall Has Arrived

fall has arrived and i had to turn the heat on.  it's gotten into the 30's at night and we did have our 1st frost.  however, i would venture to guess i still need at least one more mowing of the lawn - maybe 2.

 october zoomed by just like the rest of the year and now i hunker down in my playroom to make sure my holiday cards are all ready BEFORE the 1st of december!  let's take a look at one i've done so far...

i belong to the Stamps for Life Stamp Club and
boy, am i glad a do.  just the stamp club.  they
also have a die club where you get both the stamp-of-the-month
AND the die, but with just being in the stamp club, i get
to pick and choose which die i want.
anyway, this is the die for this month.
too cute.

if you'd like to check out the STAMPS FOR LIFE stamps and clubs, 
you can do so by clicking HERE

and there ya have it. 

not much else going on,  tho the last 2 weeks of this month are quite busy.  wedding, kid's birthday party, lunch with friends, help with fun at jade's school and then halloween (tho i DO NOT participate in halloween).  i live in a 55+ community so there are no kids anyway.

thanks so much for stopping by.  have a great week!

October 15, 2016

Crazy Cats

well just about another week has gone by and it's been very fall-ish.  we had a frost and i think the lawn will need mowing at least a couple of times more.  the temps this coming week is suppose to be nice and one day to hit 80.  really?????

not much else going on.  it seems i'm busier than normal.  i guess that's a good thing.
i did get into my play room and mojo has been great.  sooooooo, here ya go...

i keep seeing these crazy cats all over the place and
i love them.  saw something like this on 
PINTEREST (where else?) and i CASED it.
too cute!

the rest of the week is busy for me and i sure hope i can get some play time in.  i still need tons of xmas cards.

have a GREAT week!

October 11, 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog

sometimes i wonder why i even continue blogging with facebook being "the place" now-a-days.
i don't play in challenges - which, in my opinion, is why most people continue to blog.
i blog because i LOVE it.  i've been doing it since 2008 and i still like it - even tho i no longer post once or twice a day.  once a week is fine.  i also blog to stay in touch with friends who are not on facebook.  IS THERE REALLY PEOPLE NOT ON FACEBOOK???????  and i definitely DO NOT TWEET.  so, blogging it is.

i did have to turn the heat on one morning just to get the chill out of the house, but then turned it off and it hasn't been on since.  the mornings are chilly and beautiful; the days sunny and nice enough to open up the house.  i LOVE fall!

i've been working on xmas cards.  i seem to need more this year than last year and no, my church family has not grown much at all.  i take about a dozen to the store and i've been blessed with a few orders.  go me!  so, here's a couple of xmas i've done...

i got this spellbinders die for a steal.  you KNOW
it's a steal when you buy one because these
full-card dies are NOT cheap.
so, easy peasy.... die on colored cardstock and
placed over white card,

i was going thru my emboss folders and found
that i have some long (a few border) dies in the back of the box.
found this one.  i really need to go thru all my dies
to see just what i have.  i actually found a pine cone die
that i completely forgot about.  good thing i didn't re-order one!
but i digress.
lampost die; leaf punch and a sticker!
love how it turned out.

and this is my blog post for today.  jade turns 11 tomorrow.  we celebrated on sunday.  she is ONE BEAUTY for sure.  she's 5'2" and about 95 lbs.  she's tall and thin and a bigger glitterbabe than i am (is that even possible????).

thanks for stopping by.  have a great day!

October 05, 2016

Helloooo October

well helloooooooooo october!  september went by fast but still not as fast as april..... which i'm still looking for!

weather has turned fall like (yay) and house can be opened up somewhat.  too much and the curtains blow (which scares the crap out of the dog) and then it's too chilly in my house.  however, fall IS my favorite time of the year.... pumpkins; pumpkin flavored everything; apples; spices; brown and oranges (which i prefer outside rather than in my house); and fall card making. tho fall cards don't sell well for me they are still pretty to make.  here's a couple for ya....

not necessarily fall per se, but the colors are there
and i love how this turned out!

again, not fall per say, but the colors are there.
i so love grunge!

well, i got 2 orders for xmas cards in addition to my normal for my church, the store and myself.  time to get hustling.

have a great week!