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May 01, 2016

Happy May

i meet with the hip surgeon on may 6.  will keep you posted.

funny how our bodies work.  my leg really aches alot BEFORE the rains come and once the rain gets here - not so much.  rained all day yesterday and supposed to rain today.  guess i should be singing PAIN, PAIN go away - LOL.  it'll all be over soon!

was on a roll yesterday and made a dozen cards!  go me!  also went thru my stamps as there were quite a few that i haven't used in more than 5 years.  i may just put them up for sale.... and yes, they'll be a really good bargain.  again, will keep you posted.

here's today's card...

a little "fall-ish" in color but i just love that flower.
it's an old stampin up stamp.  FYI... i've been buying
SU since 2001 so i have some pretty old ones AND
it was before i started keeping the sets together!
yeah, i separate the sets.  if i didn't, they'd NEVER get used.
so i put them in the catagory they're supposed to be in AND
i now label what set and by whom.

well, april went bye-bye and really fast if you ask me.  so, happy MAY.  i'm hoping for a warm and nice summer.  hey!  we can dream can't we!

thanks for stopping by!

April 26, 2016

Leg Update

i saw the orthopedic.  he's young and handsome.  how cool is that?  anyway, he took x-rays of my hips and knees.  here's the result....

i have VERY SEVERE arthritis.

i have some spurs in my right knee but nothing to worry about - and my knee doesn't bother me

my right hip - the titanium one - which is now 19 yrs old has a good 10 more years on it.  THANK YOU GOD.

my left hip - can't be saved.  i need a new one.  doc said....  "i usually talk people OUT OF surgery, but i definitely am talking you into surgery.  you hip is so corroded and you've exhausted all your avenues, you need a new one."  the x-ray was UGLY.

guess what i'll be doing this summer?  most likely recuperating from a hip replacement.  i'll definitely be getting it done.

will keep you posted, and i appreciate all the prayers i can get!

April 23, 2016


more of my boring life.  nothing is going on.  the weather has been nice and mojo is definitely on a roll.

i have been asked to sell my cards in another store about 9 miles away from where i now sell.  how fun!  i brought her a card rack and cards.  we shall see how it goes.

other than not overdoing anything because my leg just kills me, i've been making lots of cards.  so, here ya go...

the image i found trolling google.  absolutely fell in love
with it.  printed out several of them.
love how this turned out, tho i think the bow is a tad too big.
however, it was sitting on my desk so i just grabbed it.

i see the orthopedic on monday  morning.  i can't wait.  prayers that he finds something and that it can be made better WITHOUT surgery!

have a great week.


Phil, Richard, Karen and Allison, and John, Matt and Steve request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their Mother and Father.
Because they are combining 2 households, they already have at least 2 of everything... so, please, NO PRESENTS!
Reception and garage sale immediately following the ceremony

i found this hilarious!

April 18, 2016


wow!  has the weather been gorgeous here.  we hit the low 80s.  got out my patio furniture and, truth be told, it was too hot to sit out.  but then, since my weight loss, i have no shorts or capris and sitting out in long jeans just didn't cut it!  time to shop - ya think?

been on a roll in my craftroom and i'm really having fun with it too.  so, here's one for ya...

this is from an old stampin up set called TICKLED PINK.
i LOVE flamingoes and, if we were allowed, i'd probably
have a few plastic ones in my yard - LOL - yeah, i'm 
that crazy!!!!!

not much else going on.  i called my doctor and asked about an MRI and she said no.  wtf?  NO?  no.  she said she just can't get a handle on what or where my pain is coming from so she wants me to see the orthopedic.  ok.  i'll see the orthopedic.  however, between you and me.... he better NOT tell me to do therapy.  I WILL NOT DO THERAPY.  i DID therapy.  therapy ONLY helps for the day you have the therapy!  i'm in pain.  no-therapy is NOT causing the pain.  my personal opinion is... it's my hip.
i get into bed and it's getting harder to roll over onto my left side and then the pain goes from my hip down to my ankle.  don't tell me therapy!!! will keep you posted.

supposed to be spring-like all week.  i'll take it.  now to get rid of the dandelions.  almost sad, because the yellow yard looks really pretty.  however, i don't think my neighbors like it!  such is life!

have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by!