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it is with a heavy heart but at the end of this year - Dec. 31, 2016 - THE STAMPING BOUTIQUE will be closing it's store. thank you for all the wonderful creations everyone made with TSB images. we hope you enjoyed working with all of them as much as we enjoyed creating them all for you!

Fabulous Friends

December 02, 2016

Short Post

a new month has begun.  december got here fast.... real fast.  i'm still looking for APRIL!!!

i'm just about done on my stamps.  i guess it's more of a cleaning up and out then a reorganizing because they're all still in the same place, save for the ones i no longer use and will ship them off to a few friends.  it's taken me 3 weeks! geeze louize!  way too many stamps... yet i keep buying more.  call me CRAZY!

anyway, no craftiness, no creating and not even working on my Etsy.. so this post is short.

enjoy each day and be thankful for it.  i'll be back soon.

November 27, 2016

Bye Bye November

well, thanksgiving came and went.  mine was absolutely fabulous and i hope yours was too.
i gained 2 lbs... but then the scale fluctuates.  i still want to lose another 5 lbs and hopefully by xmas; then i will be a very happy camper with no fear of gaining 5-8 lbs over the holidays because i'll still be right where i want to be.  we shall see.

i'm still reorganizing and cleaning out my stamps and dies. it's been hard work.  hard by.. do i or don't i discard this or that?  yay, nay!  omg!  the decisions.  if i haven't used a stamp in at least 2 yrs, then, it's going into a package for a friend.  if i have enough of what i'm getting rid of, then i'm dividing it between 2 of my crafty, close friends.

at the moment, my fingers are black from cataloging (yes, i do that as i go along) and sore from all the paper.  i've already gone thru a tube of hand cream!!!!  but, trust me,  it IS worth it.

need i say that i have not done any creating at all???  good thing i have a huge stash.   so, here's one from my stash...

i LOVE those crazy birds!
cut the oval, cut out the bird and used one of my
many santa hat stamps, cut it out and placed it
on his little bird head!  added some sequents and
badda boom, badda bing!
super cute!

well, today is sunday, the last sunday of november.  it's been a great month.  

i closed my twitter account.  i cannot figure that thing out at all - not to mention it's nothing but doom and gloom and politics.  oh, and you know me, i get wordy and 147 words is not enough for me for one post!  i'll stick with FACEBOOK!!!

anyway, happy end of november.  now to get the christmas decorations out and let the parties begin!

November 20, 2016

Happy Turkey Day

who knew setting up a decent ETSY shop would be so time-consuming????  but i WILL DO IT!  be patient with me, please!

also.... FYI... i will be resurrecting my digital images! so please check the shop often.  in advance... i thank you all for your support!

now that the holidays are upon us... i want to take this time to wish you all a very happy and very blessed THANKSGIVING!

November 14, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy

well... another week has zoomed by and it is now the middle of november!!!  this time i have a reason it went by so fast.  i've opened an ETSY shop!  had one way back in 2009 and closed it.  decided to make another attempt at it where i'll be selling my images --- yep, i'm bringing them back out ---
my cards and a few other things i can drum up.  you can check it out by clicking the badge on the top right column.  REMEMBER....  it's still "in the works."

the weather has been gorgeous and i've been able to open the back door a little bit.  puppy loves laying in front of the open door!  she's been so bored and neglected lately while i've been working on the stuff for the shop.  poor puppy!  now it's turning colder and she'll really get bored because you KNOW i won't be going out much.  bye bye puppy rides!!!!  call me cruel!  LOL

anyway, i have gotten all my december birthday, anniversary AND xmas cards done and ready to be sent out!  gosh i'm good!!!  LOL

here's what i've worked on....

this is too cute.
a picture i found on PINTEREST 
and i side embossed.

i belong to the STAMPS OF LIFE club.
this was one of the sets.  GREAT...
because i had NO gingerbread anything!
too much fun here!

well, that's about it for this week.  i'll be on the computer most of the week working on things for the shop.  wish me luck and please do check it out!

have a great week!