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December 18, 2014

Let's Party

wow!  to think i talked about boredom earlier this week.  seems like i have something going on every day til xmas.  wow!  today is JOLLY 60s.  it's held at one of the local churches.  it's for seniors 60+.  it starts at 9 a.m. with bingo for an hour, then a guest speaker, a little sing-a-long and then a lunch.  it's tons of fun.  this is the last til may.

yesterday was bingo at the library; tomorrow a friend is coming over to scrapbook.  she's making it for her boyfriend.  should be fun.  saturday is a birthday / welcome home party.  sheesh.  do i even know what to wear????  LOL

in between i've been wrapping gifts and straightening up the house.  sooooo, i'm digging into my stash today....

i haven't used this stamp in ages.  saw this on
PINTEREST.  i think it came out nice. 

embossing and dies here.  a little fancy
for me, but i like how it turned out!

well time to get ready for Jolly 60s.  have a great day!


well duh!  isn't that what you're supposed to do
with leftovers?  recreate it????? 

til the dog licks your arm!

ok.  truth be told here, i've been eating 1 HUGE campfire
marshmallow everyday and my arthritis doesn't ache near
as much as last week.  maybe it does work.... or it could just
be my imagination 

December 16, 2014

And the Festivities Begin

well, some of the boredom has gone.  the homeowner's association held an xmas party.  i went - after 13 years.  it was tons of fun.  lots of food, drink (non-alcoholic), gifts, prizes and, of course, santa.  got to see alot of neighbors i haven't seen in awhile.  yep.  it was fun!

lots of parties coming up and my throat is starting to feel just a tad scratchy.  bummer.... and it scares me because this time last year i had pneumonia!!!!  at least the weather is holding up tho still rainy.  my bones are just crying out.  the aches are just awful this year.  oh well, another year older!

so, as always, i'm playing.... which is still fun and mojo is still around.

 this was easy peasy and i really like the results.

now this was a little more involved.  die cut a circle; embossed
a scrap with WOOD, punched out the LANGUAGE OF FRIENDSHIP (SU)
bird and added a ribbon.  make a better birthday card than xmas - in
my opinion, of course.

today is food pantry so i'll be off to work it.  my favorite day.  i LOVE working the food pantry for all sorts of reasons.  'tis the season!

happy tuesday!


 now this is interesting!

 good to know

 i seldom suffer from an upset stomach.  probably
because i eat most of these!  guess it works, huh!

 you can be sure i'm gonna try this
(if i remember it - LOL)

do people still use this?

December 13, 2014

Mild and Gray

the weather here has been mild but very gray.  today we should get into the high 40s.  really?  not too much sunshine but mild.  still, i'll take it.

seems lately all i do is take puppy for a ride in the car, clean up a bit and play in my craftroom.  the funny part is... i'm happy and content.  i guess that's a good thing.

my resolution for the new year is to use ALL my stamps this year.  i seem to grab the same ones so i'm starting with ANGELS and working my way to ZODIAC.  however, that DID NOT happen here - LOL.  i played with BOA BABE (SU).. and i love how it turned out!

here's something i haven't played with since thanksgiving and it's just absolutely aaaaaaa dorable...

my xmas YODA!

is this cute or what?

happy saturday!

December 11, 2014

Just Another Day

what a life.  absolutely NOTHING going on.  my shopping is done; my cards are out; my house is in order.  i guess that's a good thing.  the weather is mild tho gray.  each day the temps get warmer and warmer.  we're supposed to be in the low 50s by the weekend.  I'LL TAKE IT!

so, i've just been playing... which is fun and i'm glad mojo is still hanging around.

 you really can't go wrong with black and yellow....

... or candycanes.
embossed candy cane stripes on red cardstock and
just added the embellishment.

well, guess this is short and sweet!  happy thursday!


don't we all!!!!

my mother ALWAYS said to me....
young lady!  someday that mouth of yours
will get you into trouble!
it HASN'T yet!  whew!