Fabulous Friends

January 15, 2017

First Half of January....

has anyone else noticed that's it's already the middle of january???  really?  i am NOT that busy and yet half of january is gone.  i'll be really old really fast is this speed warp keeps going!  geeze louize!

the shop that closed where i used to sell my cards has re-opened under a new name, new owners and new store.  it's YUGE!!!! and gorgeous... and yes, my cards are there!  the new owners bought all the old inventory so they had tons to open with.  it's stunning.

to my local friends... it's COUNTRY DIVA'S BOUTIQUE in downtown sandwich.
to my other friends, you can take a look around here.. COUNTRY DIVAS BOUTIQUE

mojo comes and goes.  he's moodier than a teen PMSing.  however, he did stop long enough to get creative...

 i thought this was fun.
my friend, lindab, sent me these die cuts (thank you linda)
and i truly have a hard time rolling them into the
flowers they are meant to become.  but fear not!
i figured it out.
however, this is the negative and i thought it looked
like PAISLEY.  so this is what i came up with.
fun, huh?

my YOUNIQUE VIRTUAL PARTY is still going on with my EXTRA SPECIAL... 2 people to buy ANY 2 PENCILS will get the sharpener FREE from me!  this goes until wednesday, jan. 18.  you can shop or just take a look-see by clicking this link and click on SHOP THIS PARTY NOW!  i'm trying to get my leader to Punta Cana AND get me to my next level.  sure would appreciate your help!

well... happy january and thanks for stopping by.

January 10, 2017

February Owl

well i hope you all are settled into the new year and i wish you a fabulous one.

moving right along for me...  i've got my "junkyard" site going - where i'll be selling "crafty" things;
my makeup site going - where i can help get us all more beautiful than we already are.  as a matter of fact, i have an ONLINE party going on until january 18.  please take a stroll thru my shop and feel free to place an order.

a church friend has opened a stunning consignment shop in town and i've got my cards there.  wooo hooo.

got some playtime in.  mojo stopped by for a short visit LOL.

most of the teachers in our elementary school
are members of my church so we "adopted" the school.
that means, every month our church provides a
goody basket and the teacher's celebrate
the birthdays of that month.
i do the cards each month.
this is february's. 
there are 43 teachers and everyone signs the
card of the month.  it's a 5x7.
i LOVE doing it because every month has a different
theme - which makes it easy and fun

well, we have temps in the 40s with a rain / snow mix today.  think i'll stay in and play!

happy January 10!

January 05, 2017

My New "Shop"

so i closed my etsy and opened a new FB page... GLITTERBABES CRAFTY JUNKYARD
there i will sell all sorts of crafty things.  please note that ONLY I CAN SELL on the site, but you can comment and purchase.  i do hope you stop by and enjoy your visit.  do check back often as i will keep adding stuff.

January 02, 2017

A New Begining

well, a new year has arrived.  i hope this year will be one of the best for all of you.  will you keep to your resolutions?  did you make any?  i DID NOT make any resolutions.  ok.  i DID, but only ONE - which is to pay down my debt.  i've just about reached all my other resolutions from years past!

i've decided to take my cards OUT of etsy.  i sell them in 2 places locally and anyone who knows me, knows all they have to do is say ME PLEASE in a comment either here or on facebook to "claim" the card i post.

however, i WILL be selling some crafty stuff, only i'm not sure if i want to keep it at etsy or just post here and on facebook  i'm also still out on my digis.  do i or don't i bring them back out???  THAT'S where etsy would come in handy because (a) it's an easy pay and (b) an easy download.  sure would appreciate any suggestions you may have!

i will continue with my YOUNIQUE!  i love the stuff.  it's definitely worth absolutely every penny.  if you'd like to check THAT out...  click HERE.  i have a special going THIS WEEK ONLY.... the first 3 people to purchase 2 pencils (eyes / lips - any combo) will get the sharpener FREE!!!  that's a $7.50 value and it's a fabulous sharpener!!!

you can follow my "beauty" fun here.. GLITTERBABES GLAMOUR.

well, thank you all for your support this past year and may 2017 fulfill your dreams.