July 18, 2019


well summer has arrived in the midwest... and with a fierce.  we are under heat advisory for this entire weekend where temps are expected to be in the high 90s with heat indexes to over 110.  there are warnings all over the place.  i hate to see what my a/c bill is gonna be at the end of the month! SMH

on another note, i discovered a new hobby called bookfolding. it'll sound very complicated if i try to describe it but here's a synopsis.  you get a book (an old one, hard cover, and cheap at goodwill) and you have a picture and directions on how to measure (all in centimeters), cut and fold.  i know, it sounds hard.  the 1st one they like to start you with is a heart which is just measure and folding.  here's how mine turned out...

it was alot easier then it looks.

the next one i did was way more complicated AND a request from a neighbor.  she wanted a sunflower for her daughter.  so, i took the dare.  here it is...

it was hard.  some of the cuts were like one centimeter and drove me nuts.  they are so thin and tear easily.  but as you can see, it turned out well and she just loved it.  i chalked the petals in yellow and the center in bronze just to add some depth.  i then took some printer paper and stamped sunflowers on it and colored them to go with the theme of the book.  here is that...

i love how it turned out.  anyway, the customer is a very happy camper and so am i.  i love this new hobby!  oh, it took a month to do it.  it's very time consuming so you have to definitely allow for time as you literally measure, cut and fold each individual page.  most bookfolds run between 500-700 pages!!!

can you guess what i'll be giving for xmas gifts this year?  the sad part is... my cards have been pushed to the wayside. 

so, there ya have it.  i still do a card every once in awhile AND my stash is well on those.  now i need to get back to the housework - UGH! 

i'm presently working on what is called a shadow fold - which means, you only measure, cut & fold every OTHER page and it goes pretty fast.  i'm doing a koala bear for my best friend for her birthday next month.  i'll post when it's done.

til then... stay cool and thanks for stopping by.


  1. These are wonderful Stef! Hugs to Neenah.

  2. What a great idea, Stef! That sunflower is amazing. Love the fun sunflower print you made too. Can't wait to see the koala bear. Supposed to be over 100 here too. They have declared an emergency here and are opening the fire departments from 8am until 5pm as cool areas. Just finished swim lessons with the twins this evening. They had a ball. Hope all is well!

  3. Wow- this is fantastic!!! I love this- and have always wanted to try it. How wonderfel your sunflower turned out!

  4. Just amazing, mf!! Good for you.......but not for me!!! Hugs.


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