March 11, 2019

Lucky Charm

hope everyone is well.  it's been awhile.  all is good with me tho february was a hard month.  i had a cough for over 30 days, then had an eye exam and the dilation lasted more then 10 hours, 2 days after that someone rear-ended me at a stoplight; 2 days after than i fell.  such is life and GOD is GOOD.  nothing serious came out of any of them.  my eyes are ok; the rear-ender was just that... bumper damage only and tho my knee still hurts from the fall, that's about all it is and life goes on.

this week's challenge from ModSquad is... green.  so, here's my card for the challenge....

prize is a $20 gift certificate from GinaK.  if you'd like to join in...  click here... ModSquadChallenge


  1. Very cute Stef! I love how you used the hearts to make the shamrock. So sorry that February came with all those events. But, like you said, nothing devastating came from it and God is good; all the time! I am having eye surgery fro cataracts. The first surgery is March 21st and the second will be March 25th. Hopefully it will fix my sight problems but I actually have 2 problems so this is the easier of the two to fix. We'll see how it goes. Have a super week!

  2. Really cute card! Hang in there and always remember that getting old is not for sissies, and I know that you are not a sissie!


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Let's Drink Wine

 well hello all.  for a change, this is just a post.  no challenge, no anything.  can you tell i'm bored???  LOL.  not sick, just bored....