April 24, 2018


well, april is just about gone and there's absolutely NOTHING going on in my life that i get to post about!  other than the weather - which, in my opinion, mother nature died and an imposter has taken over; and the hatred and dissent that's been going on in the world.  THANKFULLY, my life is blessed!

i've been busy making cards and they are selling.  not enough to make me rich, LOL, but then, that is NOT why i create.  i create because it makes me, my heart and soul and a few friends happy!

ok.  enough of THAT tangent.  here's a couple cards i've had fun with.... both are stamps from FunStampersJourney(FSJ)....

 I love this plane!  reminds me of summer.
strange, i know, but it does.
It's called "Begin Adventure" and it's by FSJ 

click name to check it out

this one kind of surprises me.  it's called
"Creature Comforts" also by FSJ and i
never thought i'd like it as much as i do!
go figure.

you may purchase this as (a) stamps only; (b) dies only OR
(c) bundle

and that's about as exciting as my life has been.  however, i am Blessed... as all is good.

hope all is good with all of you and thank you so much for stopping by.

see you soon!


  1. How wonderful that your cards are doing so well. Love these two , especially the second one. Hope that Neenah is well. Skipper sends purrs.

  2. So glad that there is no big drama in your life. We are less than a month from the wedding so I am scrambling to finish up 60 favors and 12 centerpieces. I'm sure everything will get done. Love the cards, especially the airplane. Great masculine card! I have a SIL who is a pilot and I am always on the lookout for stamps that I can create for her. Great cards! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Fun cards! I love the plane : ) So glad Spring has finally arrived- we have been watching birds and just had an Oriole in the back yard! And, a hummingbird too.


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