March 16, 2018

The Middle of March

well the Ides of March passed without incident.... or news for that matter.  not a mention of it did i see or hear anywhere. 

up to now, i've been busy.  my mojo has been great and my card stash is growing.

friends from church invited me and a friend to see the play CABARET.  it was AWESOME!!!!  been years since i've been to a play.  didn't realize how much i missed it.

i fell.  yep.  fell.  smack dab on my right hip - which is the hip i had replaced 21 yrs ago.  talk about scared!!!!  fortunately, i literally fell into GOD'S HANDS.  i did not dislocate anything (thank you LORD) and there was no outside bruising - until yesterday - which is a week from the actually fall.  there was no furniture in the way so i didn't hit anything.  i fell hard.  very hard and it really felt more like a 3rd degree burn.  as i live in a modular home, my floors are concrete.  i figured between the carpeting and my jeans, THAT'S what made it feel like i was burned.  there was no redness in the area either.  i was on a stepstool but was able to get down but lost my footing and went backwards.  things could have been much much worse.  so yeah, i'll say, "i fell into GOD's hand".

weather has been a mixed bag (isn't it always????) with a few spring-like days.  i'll take it!  at least it's been sunny.

anyway, i was in my room and thought i would play with my alocohol inks on a technique i learned years (many years) ago.  i thought it came out gorgeous.....

and was really easy too!!!

well, no much else going on.  quiet yet busy and i'm looking forward to spring - more sunshine!!!

happy st. pat's and happy rest of march.  thanks so much for your visit.  see you soon.


  1. So glad there was no injury when you fell. That is very scary for sure. I hate to even think about falling. Lovely card. I've seen a bunch of ideas lately for alcohol inks and I don't have any of those. I have so much stuff that I don't feel like I should buy new things. Your background is awesome though. I love the mixture of colors. Hope you have a lovely St. Pat's Day. We'll be watching the twins tomorrow so we'll be pretty busy running after them! Take care!

  2. Sorry to hear about the fall. Hope you feel better soon. Love your card, great colours. Hope Neenah is well. Skipper sends purrs. Hugs Anesha

  3. First off, I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Glad it wasn't any worse than it was. Since I am late coming by, I hope you have healed from it and didn't have any other complications.

    Next I want to say thank you so much for stopping by my blog to give me an update on what is going on. So glad everyone is doing well!!! :) Gosh, those kids are growing up so fast! But then we wouldn't have them any other way.... ;)

    Now to your card - fabulous! Love what you did with the alcohol inks! And I read in your other post how many cards you both make and sell! Good for you!!!!! I am so proud of you, Stef! That is amazing! I have never been able to sell any of mine, so I am in awe that you turn over such large numbers. Wonderful, wonderful! I hope your business continues to flourish!

    Hopefully I will be better about stopping over to say hello! Take care and know I am thinking of you! :)

  4. HEY YOU, HAPPY BELATED EASTER! How ya doin', girlfriend? Fine I hope, but what's this about you falling??? hmmmm Uncool my friend. How's your granddaughter... getting big I bet! Well, just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. BIG HUGS! MARIE


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