February 14, 2018

Working on Easter

well we got about 14 inches of snow.  i was house bound 3 full days.  finally got out and not only was it all beautiful and blinding, but it truly looked like a winter tundra!!!!  now things are starting to melt and the temps are supposed to rise to the mid-40s and low 50s with rain expected.  can we say FLOODING?????  oy vey.

i've been busy working on cards, none of which are valentines.  they don't do well for me in the stores AND i only send them to my grandkids.  soooooo, i decided to work on easter - as i need them for the church anyway.  here's one for ya....

this image came on a christmas card (imagine that!)
and i thought it would make the perfect easter card!
what say you?

back to the dolddrums.  enjoy the rest of feburary.  may you have love, happiness, fun and CHOCOLATE!


  1. Stef, that's a gorgeous card. I was about to ask where did you get that stamp but I guess I have to go look for Christmas cards. LOL! Great image for Easter! Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day. Rain here today and all the snow and ice have melted. I think we are supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow. But then drop back down on the weekend. This yo-yo stuff is maddening and playing havoc with my health. Glad you aren't stuck being sick. Take care!

  2. Let's have a happy Valentine's Day. goldenslot


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