February 03, 2018

Happy February

once again, time has flown; but that's ok.  another day closer to spring - in my book!

absolutely nothing has been going on in my life.  i'm house-bound, but of my own choosing.  i hate the cold weather but i'll take it over snow, ice, sleet, rain any day! so i stay in and make cards.  i've been on a roll - making about a dozen cards a day.  i post them on my Glitterbabe FB page and sell them.  i get a few bites and they are doing fairly well in the shops i have them in.  i am blessed.

puppy is missing her car rides - the long ones - but it's been way too cold for that.  i do take her for a ride around the complex just to go to the mailbox.  she is sooooooo spoiled! 

anyway, here's a coupe of cards i've made for easter.....

this one i was just playing at 

this image is by stampin' up called INDESCRIBABLE GIFT.
i love this set and use it often.

well, that's it at this end.  hope your februray is full of love, happiness and CHOCOLATE!



  1. Two beautiful cards. Hope the weather gets better and Neenah gets out soon. Purrs from Skipper.

  2. At least if you are housebound you are keeping yourself busy. No better way to do that than to craft. Great cards. I've been checking out the ones you add to FB. Really nice cards! I was sick most of January and just finished up another round of antibiotics. I am keeping my fingers crossed that February is a better month, at least health-wise. But the twins were here today and both were running temperatures so we'll see if I've picked something else up from them. Stay warm. We are supposed to get snow tonight. I think we are borderline snow or ice. I'll take the snow over the ice. Take care!


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