January 11, 2018

Middle of January

well is it now almost half way thru janurary.  another month that's flying by.  the weather has been full of everything.... sub-0 temps, snow, sleet and today - Jan. 11, 2018 we are to hit almost 60 degrees and rainy.  BUT ... as the day progresses it's supposed to drop fairly rapidly and by late afternoon whatever rain is falling down is supposed to turn to sleet.  we are under an ice advisory.  ALWAYS SOMETHING!!!

not much has been going on.  i'm a homebody and I like it like that.  still, puppy is NOT happy that she's not going for her daily car ride, but I do take her when the temps are above freezing.... and then it's usually just around the block to the mailbox.

I've been busy in my craft room creating.  my granddaughter gave me a scripture-of-the-day desk calendar and the pictures are stunning.  soooooooo, I've repurposed them.... and why not?  they came out really pretty.  what say you....

now... would you have just thrown these beauties out?

have a great rest of January and thanks so much for your visit!!!


  1. Beautiful photos and great cards. Hope it warms up soon.

  2. Wow, those calendar pages are stunning and it would be a shame to to use them over. Recycling like that is awesome! We have a winter storm warning for tonight and tomorrow. Such fun! I keep thinking that we haven't had a bad winter in a while and Mother Nature is going to dump on us one of these years. Glad you are well. I am fighting the flu. On my 6th day so I hope I am on the mend. Take care!

  3. I am with you- the pictures are just beautiful! Love the cards you made from them. I am the same way- homebody! My 88 yr old mother lives with me, and she is always cold, so we DO stay in alot - we do alot of birdwatching : )
    When it gets nice, we need to meet and have lunch or go shop or something : )


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