January 02, 2018

January 2018

i hope you all had a fun filled, family filled, food filled new year.
my new year was the same as always.... in bed by 10 and wake up to a whole new year.
however, this year, we are in the deep freeze.  i mean DEEP freeze.  our high yesterday was 0 F.  right now, as i type the temp is -14 F.  the high today is supposed to be 2.  wind chills this afternoon are supposed to be in the -30s.  who even does that????  LOL. i have to go out in this.  UGH. at least the sun is expected to shine and i can open up the blinds.  doesn't make it seem as cold.  i may have to put heavier clothes ON MY LIST TO BUY because i sure don't have clothes THAT heavy to put on.  BUT (love those buts) i can layer.  i have thermal pants but no thermal shirt. 

poor puppy is sooooooo bored.  she misses her car ride.  she's very good about going out and being quick about it.  she loves that i throw a blanket on her when she comes in while i take off her booties.

i've been busy working on cards for the shops.  i do post daily in my FB group, so, if you're not a member and would like to be, please stop by and let me know. you can do that HERE.

i seriously doubt i'll be here often.  pretty much, the only reason i keep the blog is (1) for my friends who still find me here and (2) for challenges - should i play. 

sooooooo, i will see you all either on Bloglovin or FB.  have a fabulous january and a very blessed 2018. 

sparkle & shine.....


  1. We would have been in bed by 10, but for 3 grandchildren who really wanted to see the ball drop in Times Square. Oh well, it was by 11 at least! I've joined your FB group as I think that FB will work better when we are at sea than blogging, but we shall see. We head out of the deep freeze on Friday or Saturday, but it doesn't look like things are going to be really warm for us until we set sail for the Bahamas! My mom is in Orlando where it was in the low 40s today - very cold for them! ~chris

  2. I am not loving these temperatures. It was -2 when I had to go into my volunteer job this morning. Way too cold for my taste. But it is winter and we could be getting tons of snow so I guess it's a trade off. Have to go play with the twins tomorrow morning at Head Start so it will likely be below zero then too. At least I am not out in it very long. Stay warm and take care!

  3. Happy New Year to you Stef - sounds like you had a very busy December.
    We had a very mild & wet Christmas here in the UK but temps are now starting to drop again (don't fancy the BIG Freeze that you are having in the USA. At the moment we are having gales - the house certainly felt like it was getting battered last night and sleep was very broken due to the noise. Hope you & puppy stay safe & warm.
    Toni xx

  4. Hope the weather warns up soon. Poor Neenah, Skipper sends purrs. Keep warm and safe.


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