January 23, 2018

End of January

and now we are about at the end of january.  yep.  it zoomed by.  time goes by faster and faster each year and i get older and older!  it pains me to admit it.... but.... my mother was right!  she warned me!  LOL

not much happening in my neck of the woods.  weather has been nice.  sunny days, some cold, some mild.  today is rainy and snowy but no accumulation expected.  i can only HOPE the rest of the winter will be this mild.  the very cold temps makes my bones ache - literally.  arthritis is NOT fun and can be very painful.  i banged my wrist earlier in the week and the cold temps are making it throb - painfully.  my meds don't work.  at least i don't think they do; but doc won't change them.  i love being OLD... lol.

my cards are doing well in the 2 shops i have them in, and sales are picking up from friends and neighbors.  more $$$ to spend on product!!!!

i keep busy in my craft room daily and have been on a roll (i should bite my tongue here).  i've been making about a dozen cards a day.  how fun.  here's one for ya...

this is a gorgeous set from FunStampersJourney.  it's called DAHLIA BURST.  you can find it here...  Dahlia Burst
you can purchase the stamp set alone or what we call "the bundle" which is the stamp set plus dies.  any questions, send me an email or message me on facebook.

well, it's been fun.  thanks for stopping by.  see you next month!


  1. Hi Stef. Thank you for stopping by my blog to say hi. It’s been awhile to say the least. Glad you’re doing well. Your card is lovely! I was a Journey Coach for about a minute. If you or know of anyone that would like the FSJ rolling tote and shoulder bags, I would love to sell them and get them into a home where they’ll be loved.

  2. Pretty card Stef. January has certainly flown by.
    The few mild days we have had here in the UK have also brought a lot of rain. Where I live it is very wet and the ground is very soggy but I prefer that to the snow falls that have hit other parts of the UK.
    Toni xx

  3. Adorable card. That's wonderful news your cards are doing so well. Hope you and Neenah are keeping warm. Skipper sends purrs to Neenah. Hugs Anesha


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