November 22, 2017

It's All Good

same old, same old. i did see a painting from a lady in one of the groups i belong to and just fell in love with it.  asked if i could CASE it and she said yes.  here's my version....

her's was done on a very light gray but i didn't have it
which is ok because i like the dark.  i hand-drew the glass and also added
the white dots.

this glass is NOT hand-drawn.  i found it googling wine glasses.
this is the inside of the card.
love how it turned out.

well my xmas stuff is up in the house - which is REALLY early for me.  i totally downsized.  no tree, no lights.  just a few table-top items and my mantle.  got rid of alot of stuff in the storage boxes so what i have up now will be what i will be doing (GOD willing).  the less, the better.  plus i can put the boxes on a shelf in the garage rather then up in the loft and then have to ask someone to get them down.

life is good.  i am blessed and thankful for EVERYTHING.

wishing you and yours...


  1. Loving your card Stef.
    I haven't even given a thought to my Christmas decs yet. I'll probably decorate the back & front doors as both are visible from the road but I think inside will be a tree and some mantle decs.
    Wishing you well.
    Toni xx

  2. Stef, what a fun card! You did a really great job casing the card. I love that design. I haven't started thinking about Christmas decorating yet. The boys won't be home for Thanksgiving but will be for Christmas so I'll go all out for then. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And a great holiday weekend!


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