October 14, 2017

Mixed bag of October

...and here we are in the MIDDLE of october already!  the weather has been typically fall and even without rain the leaves are starting to change.... to they are not very vibrant, but they certainly are still pretty.  the skies are grey - which is normal IL skies for october - and the world seems to be in chaos - which is definitely NOT normal for ANY month.

funny tho, i've been busy. the country store where i was invited to sell my cards notified me that i sold 2 this week!  not bad for the 1st week!

next on the list will be winterizing my house and working on xmas cards.  ... some of which i have started.  here's one for you....

found this scrap of which i had punched out the star and thought...
hmmm, now what can i do with this.  TAAAA-DAAA!
very happy how this turned out.

have a busy week coming up.  hope your week is AWESOME!!!


  1. Isn't it amazing how fast time goes anymore. Since I retired I can't believe how fast everything goes. Before I know it Tom will be retiring too. Great idea for that star card. I need a religious card for my FIL and then I have to make 35 of them. Still thinking about what to do. Congrats on selling your cards. I'd love to find a place that might do that but I don't always have enough cards for my own. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I love how your card turned out too! Congrats on selling 2 cards right away!! Hugs, mf!

  3. Well done on your sales and what a lovely card.
    TV here in the UK has really turned Christmassy and we're only half way through October. I thought I would do so much better this year with all my Christmas makes but here we are again and time is fast running out...oh dear.
    Toni xx

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