October 07, 2017

Hello October

ok.  i'll say it AGAIN.... boy time flies!  the ONLY thing i'm not liking about october so far is... it's 5 weeks long.  that hurts a bit when you're on a pension.  otherwise.... i LOVE october.  the smells of fall, pumpkin spice, clove, leaves turning colors (which is not going well this year because we've had very little rain).

been keeping myself busy.... which means... playing in my room.

 i am a HUGE fan of UNITY stamps.  in my opinion, they are the
best made out there.  tho i find them a tad pricey... i cannot
complain about her sales.  they are to-die-for.  she recently
had a sale that said... 3 stamps for $8.99.  BUT....
when you put the stamps into your cart... they were each
on sale for $3.00.  now THAT'S a sale.  needless to say
i was a hair's breath away from the poor house!!!!  just kidding.
this set is called BUNDLE OF SPRING.

again, just playing with an old SU set.... DOODLE THIS
and some old shadow stamps.

..... and that's how my october has started.  hope yours is tons of fun too.


  1. Such sweet cards Stef.
    I've been looking at many of my stamps trying to decide what theme I'm going to use for my Christmas batch cards...still thinking LOL.
    Weather is really strange over here at the moment - temps are quite warm but the days are very dull & overcast with quite a few heavy showers.
    Have a great week.
    Toni xx


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