October 21, 2017


well, i'd say time sure flies but then, i ALWAYS say that.  however, this week, it did because, for some reason, i had a busy week.

fall is here, there is SOME color in the leaves.  we had a torrential rain and our complex got flooded.

we had 8.5 inches of rain.  this is the 4th time in 17 yrs that this has happened.  FORTUNATELY, being ALL manufactured homes, the house itself may be on a slap, but it IS elevated, so no water gets INTO the house.  this flood went entirely from the streets, under the house, thru the garage and into my yard.  my yard was the worst of all 4 of the floods.  it did recede fairly quickly - at least the backyard did.  my house, my neighbor to my right and the 2 houses across from house seem to be in a "low lying" spot so the water remained in the streets for a good part of the day.

i had nothing on my floor in the garage so nothing got ruined.  it did come up about 3 inches in the garage and it made it to the bottom level of a shelf on which i had a case of typing paper.  that's about all that got wet.  GOD IS GOOD.

of course, once the water receded i still had to clean out everything.  the smell was yucky and the salt & calcium deposits on the garage floor were ugly!  always something!

now we head to halloween... of which i am NOT a fan.  call me old.  we're a 55+ community so we really don't get kids in here... which is good because then i can stay away from the candy!

that's my story and i'm sticking to it!

have a great week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


  1. So sorry about the water.....the cleanup sounds the worst!! I'll send you all the rugrats..........we get about 150 each year, within an hour and a half. I eat what's left. Candy that is, not kids!!

  2. Glad to hear the water didn't get into your home but the clean-up sounds a nightmare.
    Toni xx


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