September 03, 2017


my-o-my.  did august zip by?  seems like it just stayed a little while and not a whole month.  my mother was RIGHT!!!  the older you get, the faster time flies.

 september has arrived.  my house has been opened up all week.  love that!  tomorrow, labor day, is supposed to be the warmest - almost 90 degrees - and then into the 60s.  weird!  but then, weather has been weird all around.  the flood in texas, the fires in california, the unrest every place else.  what a mess!  i sure been doing alot of praying lately!!!!

it's been quiet here.  the busyness is the fair is getting ready to open it's gates on wednesday and go til sunday.  150+ years of the SANDWICH FAIR!  the official close of summer in our small town!

as for me, i've been quiet.  got all the labels done for my stamp folders; put some sets back together and i did get some playtime in....

i found this set ... PERFECT PETALS by stampin up (1999)
in my local consignment shop for $3.  this is just one of 3 
more flowers that are in the set.  i HAD to grab it!

son and grandson came by.  you would think i would grab my phone OR my camera and take tons of pictures of him as he's getting soooooo big!  but do i?  nooooooooooooooo!  never even enters my mind..... until they leave!  boo hoo!  bad gramma!

he is just too darn cute and soooooooo very active.  he ran around the yard, the house (inside and outside), we played ball, just on and on.  the dog is TERRIFIED of him and can't get away from him fast enough.  liam ALWAYS says... "neenah no like me."  nope.  she doesn't.  who couldn't help but like this cutie????  but then, she's a dog.

one of his favorite places... TARGET.  the other
is WALMART.  he's a shopper for sure!

well, HAPPY SEPTEMBER.  hope you get to enjoy all that "pumpkin spice" stuff that is already on the shelves!

thanks for visiting!


  1. Great card Stef. I love how you stamped it in a bunch of different colors. Aren't grandkids great! Tom always has the camera going when the kids are with us so he takes a ton of pictures. We are missing them so much since we are away on vacation. Have our picture frame going that just runs through pics of them. Have a great week. We leave for Cape Cod tomorrow and then we'll be back next week to visit with the boys again before heading home next week.

  2. Lovely card Stef.
    Gosh he has grown hasn't he - your poor puppy must wonder what has hit the house when he is dashing about.
    Weather here in the UK can't make up its mind what it wants to do - even when it is raining it is too humid to have a coat on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we haven't seen the last of the Summer as it is only September after all.
    Toni xx

  3. So you still have it huh, girlfriend!?! Lovin' it! Everything is still same-0 same-0!!! MISS YOU LADY! & It's almost winter again! sheesh! We definitely have to meet up for lunch or breakfast or just coffee. BIG HUGS & TAKE CARE GIRLFRIEND! Sorry gotta run to therapy. Arthritis of the hips!


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