September 12, 2017

Blue Ribbon Birthday

my heart and prayers go out to TEXAS and FLORIDA and any other state / country hit by storms and/or disasters.  so far where i am at the weather has been gorgeous!!!  we are blessed and my praying has been very heavy these past few weeks.

not much else going on for me.  i FINALLY got my stamps (again) put back together and cataloged.  i'm good to go there.

my card inventory is good and i had a fabulous sale yesterday.  a neighbor brought her mom by and she purchased 25 of my cards!  now how fun is that!!!!  of course, with all the chatting and laughing we were doing i  NEVER marked which ones she took.  soooooooo, now there's a weekly chore for me... going thru the cards i have and checking off the ones on my inventory list.  always something!  but hey!  it keeps me (a) off the computer and all the crap on it and (2) out of trouble and the stores.  i'm happy.

in between it all, i did get in some playtime...

playing with stampin' up's BLUE RIBBON set.  wasn't sure
if i liked it, but it works.

well, once again, have a great week, stay safe.  i'm praying for all of you.


  1. Lovely card Stef. Glad you are still enjoying some lovely weather. The UK experienced its very first "named" storm earlier this week. Although it got very wet & windy we didn't really have any problems in our neck of the woods.
    Toni xx

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