September 30, 2017

A Wedding & a Meeting

well, the weather for the end of september has been gorgeous.  house is all opened up.  the leaves are starting to turn, but we have had no rain - almost to the point of drought, so the leaves are falling off the trees. there will be little color this year... so the weather people are saying.  the world, in my opinion, is a mess.  mother nature has totally lost her marbles.

3 people have died this past week.  the lady who asked me to sell my cards in her store, lost her 32 yr old son.  he "just never work up".  drs say his heart just stopped.  there were no drugs or alcohol involved,  he was a father of 2 young children.  the other 2 i just heard about and not anyone i knew.  death happens in 3s.

a young man from church got married on the 24th.  it was the most elegant and well coordinated wedding i have ever been too.  i am soooooooo very happy for the both of them.  may their lives be filled with happiness, love, laughter, miracles and blessings.

took me 2 hours to make their card... as i wanted it to be very special.  you know me... i'm queen of clean and simple.  on this one i went way more fancier.  here ya go...

the big layer was a creamy white with a shiny irridescent finish.
it was gorgeous.  the gray is glittery.

this is the inside.  this part opens up to a sentiment.
i'm very proud of how this came out - even tho the photos do NOT do it justice.

after 6+ years of being facebook friends, and her being my stampin up go-to, i FINALLY got to personally meet my friend linda.  it was better than FABULOUS!!!!  i know i have a friend for life.  i am blessed.

and now we welcome october.  jade has a birthday this month (12).  all i know so far is they're doing lazer tag for her party.  

i don't do halloween at all.  i don't make halloween cards and i don't participate in the neighborhood.,  but then, i live in a 55+ community so kids are very scarce.

i thank you for stopping by and hope your october starts off beautifully!  


  1. What a fabulous card, Stef! I am sure they loved it. You have really been busy. Isn't the weather strange. We've had no rain for quite some time. I just bet our winter is going to be bad this year since it's been so mild the last few. Busy getting ready for the twins first birthday party next weekend. I can't believe it's been a whole year already. Have a super Sunday and Happy October!

  2. What a beautiful card Stef.
    Mother Nature sure has lost her marbles - the weather is totally skewiff. Hope October settles down a bit.
    Toni xx


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