August 21, 2017

The Great Eclipse

so today, august 21, 2017 is supposed to be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!  exciting huh?
i'm having no part of it.  it's like the advertisement for meds.... all the side effects are worse than the original intent.  oh!  don't get me wrong... i think it's a great thing to be able to say... i lived thru a TOTAL ECLIPSE.
 i did not buy glasses; i did not make glasses; i will keep my blinds closed and i can only HOPE puppy does not have to go out in the middle of it ... LOL.  however, it IS totally amazing - even if i don't watch it!

the weather has been half summer / half fall.  a few days opened up house, a few days a/c on.  typical... tho i'm still wondering whatever happened to june, july & august of summer.

school started friday.  the kids went in for 2 hours.... which in my opinion is so totally ridculous.  they had 2 days before to meet their teachers and check out the school.  2 hours for a friday???  dumb in my opinion.  but then, why should i even care as i'm way past school age!

i found some cards in my stash that i made several years ago.  they are all 5x5 in size and holy moly!  i sure was impressed.  anyway... i'm posting them on FB for $1 each.  here's a few of what i found....

how fun are they?  i have about 10 more.

well, that's been my week.  all else is good.  thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lovely cards Stef.
    There was a meteor shower announced last week in our press & on the news but as it wasn't going to be visible until about 1am in the morning - I gave it a miss.
    Have a great week.
    Toni xx

  2. It was cloudy here, saw about 15 minutes after totality. About quarter size sun to half. Cool I was hoping for total darkness.

    I have some larger cards also, love them but postage is a killer. Love your collection.

    Glad Monday is over, take care

  3. Gorgeous work, Stef! Your cards are beautiful. All 3 are great designs. We had about 94% of the eclipse at our house. We watched from our deck. It was really quite neat and Tom got a few good pictures of it through the glasses. They say cooler weather is coming and I'm looking forward to it. We've mostly been in the 80s and 90s for the past week. Bring on the fall! Have a great week!


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