August 13, 2017


and now it's the middle of august.  the weather has been almost fall-like and i've been able to open up the house... at least for a few hours.  again... i have NO TREES so no shade and my yard is against a very open green area so even with the windows and doors wide open, it can be 75 and nice outside but will reach between 80-85 inside.  that means... the air goes on.  at this point, i can't wait for fall when the humidity goes down and maybe, just maybe, my windows can stay open and the a/c off!

i've been cleaning out my stamps and have some for sale.  you can find them on my FB page.

not much else has been going on.  august has been busy so far and is slowing down.  school starts on the 18th.  i feel for those kids.  they go back the 1st day (which is a friday) for just 2 hrs. then heaven knows what a stupid schedule for the next 2 weeks of the month; then the FAIR starts the 1st week of september and the kids get off for that.  the SANDWICH FAIR is the official END OF SUMMER here in the midwest.  i don't go.  it's way too expensive and way too hard to walk on that uneven ground.  i refuse to pay $7 for a funnel cake (which would be the ONLY reason i go) or $45 for a sweatshirt!  not happening here!

i held a FLASH SALE on my cards and was very pleased with the results!  that sale did way better than the 2 stores where i had them in ever did - go figure.  i will be holding another one early november on christmas cards!

in the meantime... i did get some playing in...

i'm in desperate need of sympathy cards!!!
they and thank you cards were the biggest sellers 
of my flash sale.
anyway, easy peasy... a little embossing, some scraps and a stamp.

well, i'm so glad you stopped by.  hope your weather is enjoyable for you and that you are being VERY crafty!


  1. Lovely card and I am certain it would comfort whoever receives it. My senior group always needs sympathy cards and my cancer group always needs thank you cards so those end up being a big part of my classes.

  2. I can see why sympathy would be a great seller. No one wants to make them. This on is lovely. Beautiful image! Weather here has been good too but we need rain badly. Everyone but us has had rain recently. It just seems to go around us. The twins are doing great. They go back to Head Start tomorrow. Our schools either started on August 1st or August 9th depending on the district. To me that's way too early. Have an awesome week!

  3. What a lovely card Stef.
    Toni xx

  4. Love this, yep sympathy cards not my fav to make... I never have one on hand.

    OMG, I cant belive Aug is half way over. Both of my sons go back to grad school this week. They were a huge help being home.

    I finally had some time to catch up on friends blogs and actually play.


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