August 28, 2017

Fall is in the Air

welcome to the last week in august!  boy this month zoomed by!  weather is fall-like and the house has been opened up almost all week.  if only it would be like this all the time (dreamer right????)

not much going on. i lead such an exciting life!  however, i like it just the way it is!!!!. i've been working on making new labels for my stamp envelopes.  had to go to a larger print - go figure LOL.  it didn't really need it, but i'm OCD like that.  everything must be uniform!!!  here's something to show you just how dumb i can be....

i printed out the labels on regular typing paper.  cut in columns and ran thru my 510 xyron.  go thru 1 and 1/2 cartridges BEFORE i realized... holy crap!  i could have used my xyron 900 and run the entire page thru it!  duh!  by then, it was all done anyway!  talk about dumb???  and the 900 has never even been out of the box.  can we say..... i have way too much stuff?????
anyway, the labeling is just about done and i'm a happy camper.

i did get some playtime in.....

found these laser cut cards in my stash and
thought... how pretty.  i should use them.
so i added an olive green strip behind the cuts and
this is the result!  i'm happy!

well, labor day weekend is just about here and then next wednesday thru sunday is the SANDWICH FAIR which officially ends summer.  kids have off from school for it too!!!  i AM looking forward to getting out the fall decor and, of course, everything pumpkin spice!

sure hope your start of fall is as exciting - or more so - than mine!

in case you didn't see it on FB, i've closed my GLITTERBABE GREETINGS GROUP.  all it was was double posting of the same things, so i'm just staying with my FB page.  you can find all my posts there!


have a great week!


  1. Oh my - so glad I am not alone. I also have a Xyron 900 along with several sticker and several laminating cartridges for it - all still in boxes in the Craft Cave Addition (read other spare bedroom)! I use my little "x" one and my 250 and 500 all the time, but if I would just pull out that 900 it could get some use! Maybe this reminder will prove what I needed to "get 'er done" and pull it out and figure out how it works! Stay cool and safe! ~chris

  2. I'm not sure how I missed getting a Xyron but that's one machine that I don't have. I have many other, some of which I haven't used. Love the card. Those laser cuts are beautiful and how easy to add the nice green behind them. Really makes the card special. And easy! My favorite kind of card. It's been a little cooler here particularly at night. We've had the AC off for a while now. Leaving Thursday morning for vacation for two weeks. Tome thinks the kids need to learn to care for the twins on their own so he's taking me away. We'll meander over to Boston to visit the boys on the weekends and then during the week we have reservations for Cape Cod. Hopefully it will be nice weather. Tom's Dad is going with us. So two weeks without the twins and then both just started to crawl. I am likely to have withdrawal symptoms. LOL! Have an awesome week.

  3. I only ever had a tiny Xyron and never really used it (it's probably buried somewhere under all my stash).
    We have jus had the warmest August Bank Holiday weekend on record but today feels stormy and heavy rain is forecast for tonight & tomorrow. However, temps are due to start climbing again later in the week - just as the kids get ready to return to school. The weather hasn't been too good for their Summer break and there seem to have been loads of stressed parents on trains trying to keep their kids occupied over the six week period.
    Hope the 'Fall' temps last for you as it sound very 'comfortable'.
    Have a great week.
    Toni xx


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