July 14, 2017

TO YOU Birthday

not much going on around here.  i'm back to going thru my stamps and cataloging them........ again!  it never ends LOL.  but then, i'm a bit OCD on that anyway.  i figured since i have so many SU and now being a FSJ coach, i wanted to keep my sets together and get to use most of them.  anyway, i did get my FSJ kit and boy-o-boy... the stamps are awesome.  here's one of what i got...

 this set is called TO YOU.  it's NOT in the catalog.
please note:  ALL FSJ stamps come on a storage board and are
all nice thick rubber that is already cut and cushioned for you!

and this is the card i made.  in my kit, i DID get
the dies to the set!.
the stamp is already shaded so there was little coloring.
i'm a happy "journey"man!

again, if you would like to take a look around, you can do so HERE  

well, other than working on my stamps and it being way too hot and humid to even be outside, i'm enjoying summer.  puppy, however, is bored to tears.  at least she gets her car ride daily as i trek to the mailbox.

have a great week!


  1. Super card Stef. Those stamps look fabulous.
    Toni xx

  2. Fab stamps and I love the card you made with it. New to your blog by finding you on someone else's xx


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