July 25, 2017

Just a Flower

well, july is just about gone!  it was hot and steamy this past week but the last 2 days have been gorgeous and i'm able to open the house and turn the a/c off!  i LOVE when that happens!

the dog tags are doing really well.  much better than my cards do! go figure LOL.

not much else going on.  budget it tight so i hate going out for NOTHING.  puppy is bored to tears.  to keep her happy, i drive around my complex BEFORE i head to the mailbox.  she's a very happy camper when she can go for a car ride!!! such a good dog!

my stamps are finally all in order and i did get some crafty time in....

i went thru some of my OLD catalogs and came across
this image.  just loved it, so i cut it out and colored
it.  easy-peasy.

well, not much on my agenda this week, but i'll take it.  a little ME time is always a good thing.  

got an invite to a wedding so i'll be figuring out what kind of card i want to make.  it has to be special!  i would LOVE to make an explosion card but i have NO clue how and i definitely do NOT have the patience.  sooooooooo, scratch that idea!  i AM sure, however, that i will come up with something fabulous!

til then... have a fabulous week and soooooo glad you stopped by!

1 comment:

  1. Sweet card Stef.
    Weather here in the UK is yo-yoing all over the place - chilly/hot/humid/windy/drizzle/thunderstorms - impossible to plan anything much as the forecasters have been getting things sooooooooooo wrong lately.
    Hope puppy doesn't get too bored.
    Toni xx


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