July 20, 2017

Always something

only 6 days since my last post and it seems longer!  really?  the way time flies????  life sure is funny.... and strange!

finally, FINALLY finished my stamps.  let's hope this time it'll be 3 YEARS before i take that on again!!!!!

i will be getting rid of some and posting on my  GLITTERBABE GREETINGS page, so do keep a lookout.

weather here has been.... well summer.  hot and humid with a mixed bag of sun, rain, storms etc. thrown in.  i guess you could say "typical" for the midwest!

haven't don't any crafting, but i did see something that sparked an idea for me, concerning pets....

we seldom, if ever, think about our pets if
anything should ever happen to us.  sooooooooo,
after seeing several of these around (at more than $6 each [but then,
they were made much better]} i decided to try it out
for myself.
the red is wallet size and $3
the pink is keychain size and $2
so far, so good.  got several orders!!!!

if you'd like one PM me on FB or email me.
i can do just about any color you like.
i would need your pet's name(s), YOUR address and
your emergency contact's info (name & phone) for the back.

always something! but ALWAYS fun!


  1. Sounds like you have finally got the stamps tamed (at least for the moment LOL). The cards are a great idea for pet owners - you are right when you say that it is something that folk don't always take into consideration.
    Weather here in the UK has been typical for British summertime. Switching from hot & humid to wet & windy at the drop of a hat. I suppose we shouldn't moan too much because we have had some pretty good temps for the last two months and I actually got to sit outside and make use of my new table & chair.
    Have a great weekend Stef.
    Toni xx

  2. Those pet tags are such a good idea, something I have never thought of before. Glad you have managed to get your stamps tamed. x


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