May 16, 2017

The Middle of May

wow!  time just flies doesn't it?  it's the middle of may already.  summer has arrived (at least this week) and i had to turn the air on.  the sun has been shining brightly too!  in the high 80s til thursday and then dropping into the 60s.  mixed bag of whatever, but hey!  i'll take it.

my friend pass away.  i am heartbroken.  40 yrs of friendship - very close friendship and the thought of never hearing her voice and laughter again just makes me cry - spontaineously!  but... she did not suffer long and she is at peace!
i am going thru my stamps... again... and i may post them for sale on facebook.  sooooo, if you're curious... keep checking my FB page (link on right).

in the meantime, i have gotten some playtime in.  graduation is near, so here's one i did for a church member...

gotta love washi tape!.  easy peasy but just what i needed!

well, off for a pedicure this morning.  have a great week!

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