May 03, 2017

And Now It's May

well, may has finally arrived along with lots of rain and even more dandelions!
the retention pond just off my yard is up to the brim and one more good rain and my yard will be flooded.  however, according to weather reports, there should be little or no more rain...... tho the temps will remain in the 50s.  i'm hoping for a nice cool windows-open kind of summer.  yeah... nice dream huh?

puppy healed nicely from her abscess.  i hired a lawn service and they are doing a great job - and great prices too; and things financially are turning around.  GOD IS GOOD.

i had lots of playtime with all the rain soooooooooo, here's one i had fun with...

this is my attempt at a shaker card!
i love shaker cards and i never make them.
i found some shaker cups in my stash and it
made this really easy.
not sure how much i'm liking it.
i feel something is missing!

well, let's see how may goes along.  i love may.  lots of birthdays in may too, so guess i'll be sending out cards!

thanks for dropping by and to all of you ladies...



  1. I do like your card Stef. And I love shaker cards too but I'm not very good at making them. Love the stripes. And such pretty colors. Rain, rain, rain here. I think they are predicting at least two more days of rain this week. I'd love to see some sun for a change. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  2. Great card Stef.
    Glad to hear puppy is recovering well.
    Toni xx

  3. I'd love to see some sun for a change. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

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