April 07, 2017

Pink Daisy

well, we are now a week into april.  i had to take my car in as there was a recall.  i lease my car.  my lease comes due in june so i wanted to talk about refinancing it.  the salesman asked me if i liked my car - i have a 2014 kia soul.  i LOVE my car.  it's perfect for me and the dog and really great on gas!  i've had her 3 years and i only put on 18,000 miles.  anyway, i said i need to talk about refinancing it.  he said.. why refinance? why not trade it in.  i said.. i cannot afford payments any higher than what i'm paying.  as a matter of fact, i'd like to lower the payments.  to make a long story short, i came home with a new 2017 kia soul.  i chose the exact same one as the 2014 (silver).  the 2017 is a tad smaller - which works even better for me AND... my payments stay the same!  this is my 3rd KIA.  they are fabulous.

that's about all the excitement i had this week.

the weather has been typical spring - rainy, windy, chilly, sunny.  my grass needs a mowing.  my neighbor already mowed his 3 times.  he better come do mine!!!

i did get some playtime in (don't i always????)....

every now and then i drag out my daisy die
and then this happens!!!
easy peasy.

happy april!


  1. Very pretty Stef. Nice an d pink for spring and I love the CAS style. Congrats on the new car! We looked at the Kia Sould for the kids but decided it didn't have enough room in the back for the twins. Too darn cold here for April. I am hoping for a warm up tomorrow. Had an emergency eye doctor appointment today. I have what thet call a floater in my right eye and so I see shadows that aren't really there. Kind of annoying and nothing they can do for it but he said my brain will get used to it. Getting old can be so aggravating. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I have this die and forget to use it. It makes great CAS style cards if you ask me! Congrats on the new car Stef. Sounds like everything worked out perfectly for you!

    (Hugs) Cara
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