April 01, 2017

Happy April

happy april.  boy, did march zoom by.  we had a rainy march... but isn't that normal?  this year my allergies are terrible.  they haven't bothered me in what seems like forever, but this year... ugh!

i'm dropping out of younique tho my website is still available for you to purchase off of.  i thank you all for the support you have given me.

not much else is going on.  i did get lots of playtime in....

i repurposed a card i received.  i loved the
picture, so i repurposed it to this.
looking good!!!

love this image.  it's from stampin' up's 
SIMPLY SKETCHED set.  easy peasy.

well, wishing you all a happy april.  thanks for stopping by.


  1. Pretty cards Stef! Love the soft spring colors. Rainy here too and more coming. I'd love to see some sunshine for a change. Sorry your allergies are acting up. Hope your April is so much better than March. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love these! I really like the repurposed card, great idea.

    I her you, I am so ready for Spring weather, enough rain and gloom. My allergies are terrible also. So bummed, tomorrow s Monday. I did get some down time in and I actually posted to my blog for the majority of March, so not too bad


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