April 13, 2017

An Ugly April

well, the month started off great with the new car and then turned ugly.
my water heater shot craps.  it was 17 yrs old and had a good life.  lasted alot longer than expected.  however, on the crappy side... being i live in a manufactured home, the specs and codes are different from that of a stick home.... which means the price is different.  i sure hope you're sitting down!  to the tune of $900, i got me a new water heater.  good thing i did not have to pay for installation, and no, it's not included in the price.  a friend put it in.  went in like butter on toast and all is well.  i now live in what i call the VERY POOR HOUSE!!!

on top of that, puppy got stung in her butt which caused an "anal canal abscess" and had to be lanced.  on the good side... it was far less expensive than i anticipated and that was WITH meds.

yesterday i gave my BFF of 40+ yrs a call as it was our monthly call.  left her a message only to hear from her niece that she has cancer and there is nothing they can do for her.  she (my friend) found out just after our last phone call in march and has not talked to anyone other than her immediate family.

talk about a week from HELL!!!!

so, no playtime.

do take the rest of this month to reflect on GOD and your family.  this is EASTER month which, to me, is a holy month.  be thankful for what JESUS has done for you by rising again and be peaceful in knowing you are loved.

i wish you all a VERY BLESSED EASTER!


  1. I hope things improve for you.
    Enjoy your Easter.
    Toni xx

  2. Stef, so sorry to hear that April has not been kind to you. I'm praying that the rest of the month goes much better for you. The Lord is good and he has his reasons. He knows best. God's blessings for you during this Easter season and beyond. Big hugs. I'm praying for your friend.

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