March 07, 2017

Card Files Done!

finally got my card files done.  what a chore!  about as bad as me reorganizing my stamps!  geeze louize!

now i've got a congestion.  weather is mild.  we had a few storms but the temps are in the 50s and 60s.  i hope this continues for the rest of the year.  this would be the mildest winter on record for the midwest.

otherwise, i need to get working on easter cards and mothers day as i have a few orders to place.  nothing much else is new other than my congestion which will keep me inside the rest of the week.

hope your week is grand!


  1. Keeping you in my prayers that your congestion goes away quickly. Posted some pics of the twins as yesterday was their 5 month birthday. Tonight we did library story hour with them. They like getting out and doing things. Can't wait until the weather is better and we can take them to the park or swimming or something.

  2. SO nice to get organized!!! We are having crazy weather- that wind was just wild, wasn't it!!!


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