March 25, 2017

Basketful of Wishes

so?  decided to try one of blogger's new themes?  not quite sure on this.  what say you?

my congestion is finally gone.  the weather yesterday was gorgeous.  we broke a record and hit 80. had the house opened up.  today it's raining and expected to rain all day.  no problem.  i'll take it.

did get fun time in.....

i do a monthly birthday card for our local elementary school.
this is april's.
there are 43 teachers so everyone who has a birthday
in april celebrates.  our church donates a basket
of goodies and i do the card.
super cute - in my opinion of course LOL.

well, will continue to figure out the new themes of blogger and see what i finally decide on.

have a great week.


  1. The new blog looks okay on the blog but the email looks a bit strange but nothing I can't get used to. Adorable card. What a great idea for the teacher's birthdays. That's really a fun idea. We had the twins today and the rain held off until late afternoon. I was really glad it did because we spent a good part of the day outside with them. They sleep so much better if they get outside and "get the stink blown off" as my Mom used to say.

    1. Hi! I'm new to blogging I love talking to people and helping people. Any advice to jump start my blog ?

  2. Cute card Stef.
    Glad the congestion has shifted.
    I haven't tried any of the new stuff on blogger so will watch with interest.
    Toni xx

  3. This is so cute!!!!! Glad you are feeling better!

    I've been thinking about tryingb this new blogger, not sure about it. Thoughts?

    1. it's nice but i don't know how to get back to the dashboard.


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