February 01, 2017

Happy February

well january went by in the blink of an eye!  that old saying is true... the older you get, the faster time flies!  my time is just about at warp speed at this point!  geeze louize!  i still question how busy i am??? i DO keep myself busy, but i seriously doubt to the point of "warp speed".  oh well.  at least i'm happy and content.

not much else is going on.  the weather has been cloudy; very little sunshine.  when the sun does peek out, everyone is happy.  the temps have been mild and there's been no snow.  i'll take it.

puppy is happy.  as long as the weather is decent, i take her daily for a car ride.  sometimes we go into town, sometimes a bit further and sometimes just around the complex.

mojo comes and goes.  he's been around enough for me to work on valentines.... here's one i did...

this was easy peasy.  VERY easy peasy.
i used a border punch on the bottom and i found
a card containing 6 of these stitched hearts in
target's dollar bin!  i LOVE those bins!
see.... easy peasy

i can just imagine how fast february will be zooming... since there's only 28 days.  oy vey!

have a great week!


  1. I can't believe how quickly January flew by.
    Lovely card Stef.
    Toni xx

  2. I never think about cards like this. Love the dimensional hearts and the touch of elegance on the bottom with the punch. Fun that the dog is getting out- hope the weather stays, well, not too, too cold! Six weeks till Spring!

  3. What a super cute design.

    Hugs Diane


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