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February Owl

well i hope you all are settled into the new year and i wish you a fabulous one.

moving right along for me...  i've got my "junkyard" site going - where i'll be selling "crafty" things;
my makeup site going - where i can help get us all more beautiful than we already are.  as a matter of fact, i have an ONLINE party going on until january 18.  please take a stroll thru my shop and feel free to place an order.

a church friend has opened a stunning consignment shop in town and i've got my cards there.  wooo hooo.

got some playtime in.  mojo stopped by for a short visit LOL.

most of the teachers in our elementary school
are members of my church so we "adopted" the school.
that means, every month our church provides a
goody basket and the teacher's celebrate
the birthdays of that month.
i do the cards each month.
this is february's. 
there are 43 teachers and everyone signs the
card of the month.  it's a 5x7.
i LOVE doing it because every month has a different
theme - which makes it easy and fun

well, we have temps in the 40s with a rain / snow mix today.  think i'll stay in and play!

happy January 10!


  1. Super cute card Stef!! Love the glittery heart! :) You sound like you're keeping super busy lady!! Wishing you lots of happiness and crafty fun in 2017 my friend!! Stay warm and safe from the weather! HUGS

  2. Adorable Stef. How awesome that you honor the teachers in such a way. When I was teaching we didn't hear much from parents unless it was to complain. Sounds like you are one busy bee. We have a severe storm moving through right now. Had the twins and their parents over for dinner tonight so now I'm playing catch up. Have an awesome week!

  3. Sounds like you are kicking off 2017 in a very organised way.
    Love the card and congrats on having another outlet for your cards.
    Toni xx


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