January 02, 2017

A New Begining

well, a new year has arrived.  i hope this year will be one of the best for all of you.  will you keep to your resolutions?  did you make any?  i DID NOT make any resolutions.  ok.  i DID, but only ONE - which is to pay down my debt.  i've just about reached all my other resolutions from years past!

i've decided to take my cards OUT of etsy.  i sell them in 2 places locally and anyone who knows me, knows all they have to do is say ME PLEASE in a comment either here or on facebook to "claim" the card i post.

however, i WILL be selling some crafty stuff, only i'm not sure if i want to keep it at etsy or just post here and on facebook  i'm also still out on my digis.  do i or don't i bring them back out???  THAT'S where etsy would come in handy because (a) it's an easy pay and (b) an easy download.  sure would appreciate any suggestions you may have!

i will continue with my YOUNIQUE!  i love the stuff.  it's definitely worth absolutely every penny.  if you'd like to check THAT out...  click HERE.  i have a special going THIS WEEK ONLY.... the first 3 people to purchase 2 pencils (eyes / lips - any combo) will get the sharpener FREE!!!  that's a $7.50 value and it's a fabulous sharpener!!!

you can follow my "beauty" fun here.. GLITTERBABES GLAMOUR.

well, thank you all for your support this past year and may 2017 fulfill your dreams.



  1. Wishing you well in 2017 with whatever new enterprises you undertake.
    Toni xx

  2. Happy New Year to you! No resolutions for me, never keep them and if its something I realy want to do...I do it.

    I have had no luck on easy, I know folks who sell bug, but I cant even get visitors. and I refuse to kep on saying higher fees for traffic. I've done some FB selling. Gad Younique is going well for you!

    Mojo has finished, but I did get a blog post up and I did use my NY day stamp to make a few cards. Better than nothing

  3. Happy New Year Stef! It sure sounds like you are super busy with lots of irons in the fire. I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have to craft with the twins this year. They are growing like weeds and doing so well. But a lot to keep up with too. Hope 2017 brings you everything you desire. Big New Year's hugs.


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