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A Few Changes around the House

so i met a lady who happens to be an interior designer on a budget.  a cheap budget.  a use it or lose it budget.  a garage sale / goodwill / thrift store guru.  she asked if i would like her to come over and do some rearranging / redecorating.  i said HELL YEAH!  well, she did.  here are the pictures...

old dining room wall. 

we moved the cabinet down, took the 3 plaques
off and added the star 

old fireplace wall.  that moon lit up and freaked
both me and puppy out.  needless to say, it was
bye bye mr moon. 

new fireplace wall.
we moved the plaques from the dining room to
this wall.  found 2 old candlesticks and some
crystal vases.  i LOVE how this turned out.
(forgive the towel.  it's there for the winter
to block the draft) 

the table on the side wall...
a bit bare

 we kept the large centerpiece that was
already there and added 2 more small
ones.  jade colored the picture which i love
and framed and then her picture next to it.

not a penny spent.  i had everything.  it was just a matter of putting what where.  i just love it all!!!  it sure needed an update.  GOD IS GOOD.

thanks for stopping by.  hope you enjoyed the changes!


  1. Sometimes a 're-jig' makes all the difference.
    Hope you are keeping warm and safe.
    Toni xx

  2. Love your updates...keeps everything fresh


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