December 05, 2016


okey dokey smokey.  stamp reorg is DONE!  D-O-N-E!  here ya go...

first i went through ALL my stamps;  ALL my stamps are 
unmounted.  if they come on wood, i unmount them.
takes up way less space.
then i place them on a piece of acetate, get me
some cheap (really cheap) sketch pads (usually in the
kids section for like $2 a pad - i buy about 8);
cut them down to 5x7, cover the stamps with ink
and then lay the paper on top and rub (sure beats doing
each stamp individually)
i use AVERY ELLE stamp storage envelopes (which
i absolutely love).  however, you can use 6x8 or 7x7
baggies, they are cheaper and work just as well.

ok.  1st... each box holds about 35-40 of the stamp
envelopes and depending on the size of the stamp -
it can be anywhere from 1 large background stamp
to about 10-15 smaller stamps on each sheet.
THEN i categorize them.  i cut out circles;
printed out the categories and then pasted
them on sturdy cardboard i had lying around.
the above is what the FINISHED product looks like.

FYI:  i have 12 boxes with 35-40 envelopes each....
that should tell you ABOUT how many stamps i have.

this took me 3 weeks and i hope it'll be about 3 YEARS
before i decide to do this again!

now off to play.  i HOPE i can find everything!  LOL


  1. You are sooooooo much more organized than I am - need to get off my you know what and get going - right? Good job! It is always better to know what you have and where it is! ~chris

  2. Stef, you are so organized! I am definitelyimpressed.One of these days I'm going to unmount my stamps. I don't buy mounted stamps anymore. Usually clear cling stamps but I still have some mounted ones that I use. Such a great idea for storage. The twins will be two month old tomorrow on the 6th. Time is flying by and it's amazing how far they've come in two months. Have an awesome week.

  3. Well done you. Everything looks so tidy and I'm sure you will feel the benefit of being able to 'find' what you are looking for.
    Toni xx


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