December 22, 2016


thank you for a wonderful year of your comments which all brought a smile to my face, and which i look forward to.

i plan on keeping my etsy shop open and will be selling my digital images, cards and other things there. please keep checking it out.  you can find the link in the right sidebar.

also, as i previously posted, i have joined the YOUNIQUE makeup family.  i LOVE the stuff.  tho it may seem a bit "pricey" trust me, it's all worth it.  if you would like a catalog, please leave me a request either here or private message me on facebook.  i can send you a catalog in PDF format.
you can shop directly at my store here... YOUNIQUE by stef hughes

wishing you all a very merry, very happy and very blessed christmas and a spectacular new year.
may be we all be around to celebrate and encourage each other in 2017.

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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you & yours.
    (((hugs))) and sparkles
    Toni xx


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