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Come Join the Fun

i am having tons of fun on my new YOUNIQUE journey.  the product is - in my opinion - to die for.  i'm not just saying that.  what i mean is ... at this age (70) i have tried everything - and i mean everything - out there in makeup.  i'm a HUGE eyeshadow girl.  if i wear nothing else on my face, i WILL have my eyeshadow on.  but YOUNIQUE shadows?  they are like silk, go on even better and LASTS ALL DAY!!!! and that is what i like about them.  i do not have to refix my face.  makeup on and if something comes up in the evening... not even a touch up.  EVEN THE LIPSTICK STAYS ON!

here's me in my sunday makeup....

i say sunday, because i go to church.  i was wearing grey and black.  my primer - yes i use a primer.  i found that (a) it really smooths out my face and (b) the foundation does NOT then "sink" into your skin and (c) the application is flawless; i use their liquid foundation.  the lipstick i have on is called STIFF UPPER LIP with a touch of gloss over it.  

but their biggest seller?  is their 3-D mascara!  holy moly!  i have the shortest, sparsets lashes ever!  NO MASCARA makes my lashes look like anything.  i used to wear false ones (which i really miss but can't see to put them on anymore) so i just stopped wearing anything on my lashes.  figured if i didn't put on mascara at all, maybe, just maybe they would grow!  NOT!  never happened.  then in my YOUNIQUE kit i found they sent me their 3-D LASHES (their #1 SELLER) and O.M.G.  i'm not kidding ladies...  it's a 2 step process.  don't let that scare you.... you put on what they call "gel", then the fiber one, then the gel again and I'VE GOT LASHES!  and i only do ONE application.  i'm sure if i did 2 or 3, i'd really look like i have falsies on!  i LOVE THE STUFF.

 i've opened a private group where i post daily.  if you're not already added (as i DID add most of my FB friends), please ask me to let you in. so come watch me play and have fun with me.  the link is....


  1. Sounds like you are having fun with your new 'journey'.
    Toni xx

  2. Stef, you look amazing. I don;t wear make up. Never had the time or inclination to use it. But you do look amazing!

  3. Hi, im vikas
    Excellent post.its very intresting.include more posts about this topic .
    Thank you for sharing
    Have a niceday
    thank you

  4. nice....


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