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July 09, 2014

Still Need Patience - but i'm getting good at it.

the weather has been hot and humid.  however, the next 2-3 days are expected to be in the mid-70s.  hopefully i can open up the house.  i really want to get rid of my skylights.  2 of them are in rooms with sliding doors and believe me, my house gets warm.  of course, i'm gonna need a new air conditioner probably within the next 2 years.  i also have a skylight over the tub in the master bath.  really?  do i really need that?  anyway, one of my chores on my to-get-done list is to get rid of the skylights.

not much else is going on.  my friends who are going to paint for me came by the check out the rooms i want painted.  there were 3 rooms.  it was a toss up between leaving the morning room as it is and doing the kitchen instead (which has NEVER been done).  they were nice enough to tell me they will do all 4 rooms.  of course, it stems on his doctor giving him the OK as he may need surgery on his foot.  here we go with me needing patience once again.  anyway, i'm getting good at PATIENCE.  GOD IS GOOD.

i have actually been pushing myself to get to play a little... you know.... keep the juices flowing.  i still think mojo is missing.  ok.  NOT missing, but he's sure playing hide-N-seek.  anyway, here's one of the cards i did...

another of my favorite color combos.  this one i cut some paper and then used my MODERN MOSAIC punch for the center and added the sentiment.  i really need alot of thank you cards.  i used most of my stash for the VBS volunteers.  as a matter of fact, i think this one went to one of them.  anyway, i like it.  what say you?

on another note, back in may a dear friend sent me 3 FABER CASTILL big brush pens.  funny, i was wanting to try them so it was perfect timing.  anyway, i absolutely fell in love with them and was curious to see if i could get a few more.  anyway, i saw an ad on AMAZON for a set of 48 for $90.  however, if you bought it right then, they'd give you a $30 discount.  well duh!  i'm no fool.  so, i treated myself.  here's what i got...

these are just ONE-TIP brush markers.  the brush is not as broad as the 3-pak BIG BRUSH ones, but they still are really, REALLY nice.  i'm a happy camper.  they don't seem to be refillable - which is not fun.  at least with the copics, you can use them forever.  we shall see.  i do find that these pens really work well - very well - when you want to ink a rubber stamp!  will keep you posted on my use of them.

well, not much on my agenda today.  i DO have the house opened up (yay).  happy hump day!


misteejay said...

Great card Stef.
Love the look of those pens - speaking as a bit of a pen addict, they look super in their storage box but haven't seen these over here. Hope you get lots of enjoyment from them.

Toni xx

Rhonda Miller said...

Your card is great Stef.

Good luck on the painting.

Linda said...

Mojo not missing, this is fabulous. Love the
layout and pattern mosaics.

LOL I thought they were the pencils, I love coloring with pencils and gamasol. But for markers you got a DEAL!!!!!!

Dawn LL said...

I am so glad you ordered more of Faber Castell! I have all the pieces- markers,pencils,crayons and just love them all. Glad your doing well sweetie

Donna said...

I love the color combo on your card! One of my favs too. Weather this morning is beautiful. I had to wear a sweater to work. I have my first maintenance session for my Diabetes Prevention Program today. Lost 16 1/2 pounds on the program and I think I may be down a few more. I'll find out later today. Sounds like you are staying busy. Take care!