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July 18, 2014

Slowing Down

ok.  saw the doc.  took a few x-rays of my artificial hip to determine if it needs replacement.  waiting on the results.  as for my left leg which has been hurting since my fall in march... there's not much that can be done.  i either really stretched it bad when i fell or tore a ligament and it can take a VERY LONG time to heal.  the doc did change my arthrits meds which takes away some of the back ache.  i'll keep you posted.  of course, hurting when i walk and being afraid my hip will "just give out" i've been pretty cautious in what i do and staying close to home.  i also ALWAYS have my phone with me... just in case.

that being said, i've not been doing much of anything and i definitely have not been creating.  actually, my nose has been in a book lately and i'm really enjoying reading after a long hiatus.  anyway, i'm digging into my stash....

this is an AMUSE stamp from my kit when i was a demo.  i cut a circle on the edge and layered it over the base where i stamped the flower.  keeping with my easy peasy style!

well, it's a beautiful day and there's not much on my agenda.  life has slowed down and i guess that's a good thing.  even puppy doesn't play like she used to.

happy friday!

TODAY'S WORDS OF WISDOM..... warning signs...

sounds like a plan to me 

and to think all this time i thought it was SEX! 

now if i had a penis...... 


makes sense to me!


Gramma said...

I keep forgetting about "window" cards... It's a really great look and I have to start making some. Thanks girlfriend. Hope you get your results back soon so you can feel better soonest!

misteejay said...

Hope your results are favourable.

Lovely card Stef.

Toni xx

Linda said...

Beautiful.... Love the window effect. LOL we are alike, I could read all day if I had the time. take care. I have a three day weekend, scrapbooking tomorrow with my daughter, son is doing a triathalon Sunday and Monday is SLEEP!

Dawn LL said...

Been thinking about you and hope your OK. Hope you hear good results and I will say and extra prayer...Hugs

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Stef I do hope that you get the hip sorted. Stef love, love this gorgeous card that flower image is so beautiful I do love the clean and simple style.
lorraine x

Starla said...

Love the window on the card!
You may want to talk to your doctor about Physical Therapy. You may also have some muscle imbalances (weakness) that is causing your back pain. And it may also help promote healing in the possibly torn ligament!