November 02, 2009

My Copyright Info

All examples of my work that I have hand made and that are on this site are for inspiration and for competition or contest submissions ONLY. Where appropriate, I have watermarked the picture with the content © Glitterbabe Greetings. Please do not submit copies of copyrighted work for publication, sale or contest submissions. All work not watermarked with my copyright name are my personal style and may be used freely.

What I mean for the term "Used Freely".

With regard to digital downloads, where they are marked up as "freebies", "free", "free downloads" "free image" "free clipart" "public domain" I mean that they are free for you to download and make anything you like with the download, for personal use and to sell the item that you made with the download, but please do not sell the actual digital download. I would prefer that you direct them back to my website, so they can download and read my copyright details. Please also do not make a copy of the digital download with minor alterations to it and sell it as your own creation. That is called STEALING and I have put all my hard work into the initial idea and creation of it.

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