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My Craft Room

I understand you are having trouble getting to tour my craft room
and i'm very sorry. I've no clue why that happened, soooooo
please come in now and take that tour!

Welcome to my craft room. The place where all my creations come to life! And my sanity is at peace.
This is to the right of my work desk..... storage on top shelf & some ribbons on a hangar. The labeled boxes next to the paper standing holds my stipple brushes, sponge brushes & chipboard stuff
This is my work desk. A little messy. You can see my pens on the shelf. I keep small scraps of paper in the basket on the left and my pop dots, adhesives and other stuff I need to grab in the drawers on the right side. The papers on the scissor board is the day's challenges. Yep. I print them out and pick & choose.

This is to the side of my work desk. There's a shelf that hubby put up and the box on top is by Provo Craft. It holds my glitters, plastic bags, Twinkling H2Os, all my "hand stamped by" stamps and other stuff that is rarely used.

This is below the shelf shown above. My ink pads. The photo boxes hold cards from the last 2 years, most of which I've sold already and are just the holiday ones. My catalogs & mags that I reach for constantly are below that

This is where my stamps are stored. There are CDs in each photo box that house my stamps. Each box holds 30 CDs and I have 7 boxes. The ones on the small middle shelf are my "words & sentiments" stamps.

The draws on top hold some of my punches - edgers, small punches. The boxes on the next shelf down are my cards on hand - birthday, baby, get well, sympathy, etc. The next shelf holds larger size scraps with the box next to it holding my current posted cards. The boxes below hold more ink pads. My papers & envelops next to that.

This is behind me when I'm at my desk. The big window, my Big Kick. The box has ALL my CB-EF's and my nesties. The box next to it had 3 storage cases of Sizzlets. The 2 drawers under that hold ribbons. The center 2 doors has a 3-drawer box in it that holds all my adhesives, glue dots, rags. To the left of the Big Kick is my radio which I listen to my C&W or my CDs when I want something softer.

And there ya go. You've just toured my craft room. I hope you enjoyed the tour and maybe picked up an idea along the way.

Thanks so much for dropping by.




  1. This is awesome!! I love to see others rooms to get ideas of storage! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Lovely!! I like how everything has a place. TFS!

  3. Hi Stef!
    This is one amazing crafting spot! Everything is so neat and organized. Like you, I'm a bit of a neatnick. I find if my work space is cluttered, it sort of clutters up my concentration...I know that sounds nuts, but it does!!!
    Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my new blog, for your sweet, sweet comment, and for posting my giveaway badge here on your blog. I so appreciate it all!
    Finally, A VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!... and I lOVE YOUR CARDS!!!
    Big happy smiles, Paulette :oD

  4. I love all the pictures! I love seeing people's spaces! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very neat and tidy... I love that!!!
    I'm a little OCD and it drives me nuts when things arent where I can find them...

  6. What beautiful Stef.

    Hugs Riet.x

  7. Hi Stef thanks for sharing your work area, I love to see other peoples space and yours is fantastic, I love your pen storage and shall take that idea on board, thank you. Stef your so neat.
    Hugs Linda

  8. WOW - how awesome!! You've got everything and you know where everything is - that's AMAZING!!

  9. Nice!!

    Now, I must say - my dream is to have a table from here:

  10. What a great work space. I have been blog hopping tonight. So much to see. So little time.

  11. Now I get to picture you at your craft desk making a card :-)

    Great space you have! You seem to be very organized. I'm not.

  12. OMword Stef!! I love love love your space and all the organization. No wonder your cards are that fabulous and designs are in such high demand!! These sets of posts are perfect for the craft room tour, thank you so much for joining in on the fun, so far there are almost 10 of us and I just did the blog post today!! woohoo!! :D

  13. You are so funny! And thank goodness David Cassidy is still around. "I think I love you" Btw. Your crap room rocks!

  14. gosh you are sooo organized would you like to come and organize me in Yorkshire lol wonderful craft room

  15. gosh you are sooo organized would you like to come and organize me in Yorkshire lol wonderful craft room

  16. Hi Stef, I want to come play in your room. It looks like a lot of fun. Or you should come to mine and organize it for me. I think it is funny how small a space we have for our working area. I have this big table by the time I get down to the card it is about an 8 1/2 X 11 space. All the stuff I used to make the card is taking up the rest of the table. I always have a big mess to clean up when I am done.

  17. I love seeing where you make your beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This is so cute and orderly! I love it! Thanks for sharing your space.

  19. Oh my GOSH. Stef, your craft room is great.


  20. ah - so this is where the magic happens!! beautiful stuff comes out of your space!!

  21. It's always fun to see other people's work spaces. I remember hwo you took a couple days off from blogging a few months ago to get some organization done and it shows. You have all kinds of storage. I can't believe you have over 200 CDs full of stamps. And now that you are into digi stamps, you aren't even using them as much. Don't forget to give them some "love" once in a while or they may run away from home.

  22. Hi Steph,

    As always your recent creations are awesome!!!!!

    I came by to see your Flutter By Creation for yesterday but I can not find it am I missing it or are you like me and ran out of time yesterday??

    I love your craft room!!!! I am trying to get mine to that point Hubby built me all these custome shelving units last year and I got them half done in putting my millions of supplies away and then things fell apart and I am not done organizing them yet!!!


  23. oh my god have i got some catching up to do with craft stuff i have no were the amount you have its just pure brilliant hun love cheryl thanks for letting us all see you space hugs cheryl xxxx

  24. I am so envious...and I don't even stamp.... ( I actually bought a couple stamps on eBay a few years ago)....thought I'd get into it...then decided it was too expensive. My craft room is filled with canvas and wood things to paint, oil paints, watercolor, acrylics and pencils and lots of other junk...I have to go down there and work...but if I do I'll have to spend less time on here!!!

  25. It's full of supplies and all so wonderfully organized.....A M A z I N G !!!!

    thanks for stopping in....come when you can, don't feel pressure...

    I'll still love ya, lampshade head!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  26. Love your crafting space, Stef! It's great... and everything has a place to go - even better.


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